Home School Legal Defense Association Benefits and Savings

Although not everyone sees the need to join Home School Legal Defense Association, many families want to, and like the support and services they receive.

If you have ever needed any kind of legal advice or counsel, you are well-aware that legal fees quickly add up. Lawyers are not cheap! In the unlikely event that you were taken to court for an issue related to homeschooling, your family may endure financial hardship as a result of astronomical legal charges.

When you join an organization like HSLDA, membership dues usually cost a fraction of what you would pay for legal fees if you ever needed to hire a lawyer for counsel, or a lawsuit.

Not many one-income families can afford a professional attorney's hourly fees.

Home School Legal Defense Association Benefits

So, the first benefit of joining HSLDA is free legal fees, should you ever need homeschool legal assistance or defense. Due to the fact that homeschooling is legal in every state, the likely-hood that you will be charged or taken to court over your decision to homeschool isn't very high. Still, you never know...

Along with the benefit of free legal fees, families join for a variety of other reasons.

Peace of Mind

For less than 33 cents a day, private home schooling families can go about their business without worrying about laws, regulation, and compliance issues.


Although most people homeschool without any problems, there is always a chance. If anything were to happen, you have someone who knows the laws in your state, to turn to for legal help. Help is only a phone call away!

Additional Benefits

HSLDA's mission is to bring together a large number of homeschooling families so that each can have a low-cost method of obtaining legal defense.

HSLDA provides all association members help and assistance when setting up your homeschool. You will find loads of information via their website on homeschool laws for your state and members can call for help and guidance when questions arise or should you ever have a problem with community or school officials.

Home School Legal Defense Association members receive homeschooling legal defense, as well as other benefits including:

  • A used curriculum mall,
  • Bimonthly newsletters called The Court Report
  • Weekly updates and e-lerts
  • Special savings in the HSLDA bookstore and more!

Please Note!

One of the requirements of the Home School Legal Defense Association is that families run a private home school. If your children school through a public homeschool program, you will not be eligible for membership. There may be other dis-qualifiers. If you want to join this national organization, make sure you read all the fine print.

HSLDA Discount

Yearly membership dues are $120 per family, but HSLDA offers different payment options to fit your budget. Discounted memberships are available through PEAH (this website), as well as various homeschool support groups nationwide. Joining through your support group will not only support homeschooling in your state or area, but will save you money too!

We know that not all homeschool families have time to, or want to join an organized support group. If you don't belong to a statewide or local support group that offers an HSLDA discount, that's okay...

Join online through PEAH and...
Save $20 on an HSLDA Membership! Use group 299650.

Or Download an HSLDA membership form to fill out and mail/fax with your discounted membership fee of $120. 

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