Home School High School Diploma Help

Wondering how to get a home school high school diploma?

Over the years I have seen many great home schooling parents tremble at the thought of home schooling their teens throughout the high school years.

Many quit home schooling and end up putting their children back in school to avoid the hassle, uncertainty and extra work that high school can bring.

Getting a high school diploma at home isn't that hard.

Many families have already paved the way, making it easier for those of us who trail behind. When guiding your family’s educational endeavor, getting a home school high school diploma may seem a bit overwhelming at first.

Here are a few tips to help you transition smoothly into the home school highschool years.

1. Get Organized

If you already haven't begun to keep good records, when working towards a high school diploma - now is the time! Don't fret or worry, though. Homeschool record keeping isn't that hard, it just takes a bit of time and, your high school student can help.

Choose a home school record keeping system that works for you. Make sure it's easy to use and maintain, for you and your family.

Start keeping samples of your student's work for a portfolio. Perhaps they wrote a great paper in their British literature or Civics class, save a copy in their highschool file.

During the high school years, keep adding to it so you have sample work from all the different subjects taken each year. (You may or may not need a portfolio, but maintaining one may be helpful for future college planning.)

2. Know Your State's Home School High School Diploma Requirements

You will find helpful information when visiting your state government's website. You will want to know your state's requirements for obtaining a high school diploma.

You will also want to know home schooling laws and home schooling requirements for your state, if you are new to home schooling.

3. Spend Some Time Planning Now

Take some time to plan your child's high school education. Find out your child's interests. Ask them what they would like to do after their education is complete. What kinds of jobs or careers interest them? What gifts, talents or natural abilities do they possess?

Map out a course of action. Write down the required courses your student needs to take each year.

Some courses like Chemistry may require pre-requisites. Knowing them will eliminate any surprises, difficulties or potential frustration.

4. Choose Programs to Benefit your Child

With the information you gathered from your state's website, high school homeschool curriculum that best enables your student to learn, grow and get ready for college, higher learning or a career.

If you are unsure about teaching homeschool high school courses or need extra help or guidance, look for alternate solutions.

Home school parents find help from a myriad of sources from home school support groups, a homeschool co-op, umbrella school, local professionals, friends and/or community college.

Don't forget... home school students can receive special student discounts and savings with a student homeschool id card!

5. Earn College Credit While in High School

Your student can earn college credit while working on their high school homeschool education. Think of the money you will save on college tuition!

You will want to find out if this is an option in your state (it is in most states!) If you decide to pursue this fantastic possibility, your child doesn’t even have to step a foot into a college class room!

Instead, your home school student can earn and learn from the comforts of your home. :)

If your home school student learns independently and is self-motivated, they make a great candidate for dual credit.

By the time your child finishes their home school high school diploma, they could also have earned part or all of their college degree!

Looking to save money and time on home schooling? Don’t overlook this opportunity for cost-cutting college credit!

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