Home School High School Diploma Help

by Lenni Corser
(Marysville Wa)

Home School High School Diploma Question

Home School High School Diploma Question

Please help! I need a home school high school diploma. I have a senior in high school that we have used PACES with from 4th grade until this year. We are having a graduation in June (with other homeschoolers) and I need something to hand her at the end of her walk. Something to show for all the work she had put into schooling all these years. Any ideas? This my first to graduate.

Thanks for any help,
Mrs. Lenni Corser

Hi Lenni!
Congratulations on your first homeschool graduate - yay! :)
Here is a free home school high school diploma that you can use. You can download it (it's a Word doc), add your home school name, etc. and then print it out on parchment-type paper and sign it.

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