Home School Financial Aid and Assistance
For Struggling Home School Families

When making the choice to home educate your children, looking to receive home school financial aid seems like an oxymoron.

Most homeschooling families don't want anyone, especially the government or other agencies poking their nose in their educational freedom and right to educate their children.

That is one reason why vouchers are looked down on by many home school leaders and families.

When a person starts looking to the government for money, often rules, regulations and control are close behind.

The government also wants you to use their public schools, so home schooling families shouldn’t expect any kind of home school financial aid.

However, there are a few ways to receive the help or assistance you need to home school your children amidst life’s tragedies or unforeseen, difficult circumstances.

Financial Aid Through Support Groups

Some home school support groups may provide home school financial aid to member families experiencing financial difficulties.

If you are a member of a local support group or homeschool co-op, you may receive some assistance so you can participate or join in homeschooling activities, enrichment classes or field trips, offered to group members.

home school finiancial aid

Each year, our home school group provides free or partial scholarships to families who need some temporary assistance.

Other groups offer similar scholarships, so make sure you talk to your home school group leader.

You may need to set up an interview, or fill out some paper work, but make the effort to find out if assistance is available for you.

You will never know, unless you ask! :)

Help From Fellow Homeschoolers

Most home schooling families are very generous and giving. Many share resources and curriculum to help those who are in need.

Often, families in our group will bring in educational items, books and new or used home school curriculum that they are finished with, to share with others.

They are placed on a table and anyone can come and take what they need; no questions asked.

Being a part of a local home school group provides many other benefits, so if you do not already belong to a group, I encourage you to find one.

Help Through Online Communities

You can also find free educational resources, curriculum and books through communities like Craigslist or Freecycle.

home school financial aid donations

A couple years ago, someone through the Freecycle group in my area, donated a microscope and slide kit to our home school co-op.

They were looking to donate their educational items specifically to a home school family or group - they wanted to benefit a child's education. How cool is that?

We also received six sewing machines for our co-op's sewing class – all free and donated by giving people, through Freecycle.

Aid Through Non-Profits

You can also look for home school financial aid through a charity called The Home School Foundation.

The Home School Foundation is a non-profit organization set up by the Home School Legal Defense Association. It helps widows and others who want to continue to home school their children despite the loss of a spouse or financial hardship.

You can find out more about The Home School Foundation here (opens to new window).

Aid Through Homeschool-Friendly Businesses

Some homeschool support groups who host curriculum fairs offer scholarships for homeschooling families experiencing financial difficulties.

Vendors and other businesses donate gift certificates, curriculum and supplies and the group distributes them based on need, to individual families.

Let's face it, life happens. Sometimes difficulties arise that may cause us to wonder if we can continue educating our children at home.

You may feel forced to give up the opportunity to home school your children.

But before you decide to quit home schooling due to an unexpected hardship, consider getting help from caring organizations and people who want to help you continue to educate your children at home.

Look around you. Help is available, just ask.

Share Your Challenges and Successes!

Have you overcome any homeschooling challenges? Do you have an encouraging word to share about this topic? Are you currently going through a challenging to trying time? Please share your story to find help or help others!

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