Home School Field Trip Fun in Northern California!

by Amanda
(Northern California)

I am part of a strong Active home school group in Northern California. We have many home school field trips every year. Our favorites are going to the local Vet office and Dairy.

The vet office in Loma Rica was great. The kids were entertained and learned a lot. We were the only people who ever went there on a field trip since the current vet has owned the office. He provided his time freely, giving up his lunch break for us.

The dairy owner in Marysville, Ca loves working with kids and believes it is important for people to know where their food comes from. He is free to the community.

We also have had people come to our group meetings. Those were always fun. We had a hawk handler, snake breeder, dog trainer, and many others. We definitely like to use our "SCHOOL GROUP" discount together too.

If we go to the zoo in Sacramento, it is $10.00 a person but when we go as a group, it is $4.50. Ice skating in Roseville is $15.00 but as a group, it was $7.50.

Many state parks in California are free if you enter as a school group. All of these trips were easy to take my baby to and age appropriate from k-12.

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