Free Home School Advertising for Homeschool Friendly Businesses

Need a little help increasing the effectiveness of your home school advertising campaign or promoting your homeschool friendly products and services to the homeschool market?

Reaching homeschool families can present problems for businesses with limited advertising budgets.

Placing a well-designed ad in a popular homeschool publication is one way of reaching this vast and growing market.

However, if repeat exposure is the key to successful marketing, you must continually run your ad in multiple issues to effectively utilize this adverting avenue = $$.

One small ad can run hundreds of dollars. Even with a multiple issue discount, you must invest a lot upfront and worse, the return on your investment is not guaranteed. So what's a small business owner to do?

Non-Traditional Advertising

Take advantage of some free business-building opportunities and non-traditional home school advertising that will increase your exposure and help bring potential customers your way.

Although most people think of traditional print, email or banner ads when looking into advertising their business, there are many other ways you can advertise = reach and attract new customers.

Write an Article or Two, or Three...

Writing information-packed and helpful articles provides a great way for your potential customers to learn about you. No, the article won’t be about you, but will offer helpful tips, or provide needed information that your target audience is looking for, written from your distinct perspective as an experienced professional, leader or product developer.

Look for popular (and free) article directories like Ezine Articles, Article Alley or homeschooling websites and publications that accept article submissions. Most allow you to include a short bio at the end of your article so your potential customers can contact you, learn about your business, or visit your website.

Add Content to Your Website

Increase the return of your home school advertising investment by giving potential customers a place to go to learn more. Nothing is more disappointing to me than seeing an interesting advertisement for a product or service, wanting to learn more, but the company’s website fails to deliver the goods.

Done properly, adding quality and informative content to your website will increase traffic to it. Make sure you always add original articles and information to your website. Search engines can penalize you for including identical content from other websites.

A well thought-out website that delivers what your potential customers want will help increase sales and customer loyalty.

List in Online Directories

Placing a listing in well-trafficked online and niche directories offers an affordable solution for business owners looking to reach their target market.

Many online directories offer free listings to quality websites in exchange for a link back to the resource directory or website. Even if you don't get a lot of traffic from some directories, the link to your site will help your website ranking.

Exchange Website Links

Exchanging website links with other website owners will increase your traffic, website ranking, and will help you find new potential customers. Look for websites that compliment your business and offer products and services your visitors would be interested in.

Although not all website owners will agree to exchange links with you, it never hurts to ask. Some reasons businesses will decline your offer? They are well developed sites that already have a great following; your website or business isn't a good fit for their visitors; or, you need to improve the quality of your website.

Where Do I Go From Here?

If you would like to better reach the home school community or your target market, but you are not sure where to start, I would love to help you. Feel free to contact me; I'd be happy to answer your questions and share some "goodies" with you to help you begin or improve you home school advertising program.

Reaching the Homeschool Community

Eliminate wasted time and maximize your advertising dollars by learning how you can more effectively reach the rapidly growing homeschool market.

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