Highschool Homeschooling Students: Earn Free Money
for College

Over the past few years, as our our highschool homeschooling students have been preparing for and/or researching a college education, I've come to learn that most families face three problems:

1. You don't have the money saved up to send your child/ren to college.

2. You make too much money to qualify for grants.

3. Your student might not get into their favorite college because their test scores are too low.

With our second oldest graduating this year, I know all too well the outrageous cost of a college education; paying for it without going into huge financial debt, definitely concerns me.

Times are Tough!

I don't know about you, but this economy has hit our self-employed, homeschooling family hard. Living in Michigan, we have watched too many of our friends and neighbors lose jobs and houses; thousands upon thousands have left our state. With one in 48 families loosing their home the last couple of years, I am grateful to still own ours, and all our needs are taken care of. Have we been putting away extra for our children's college education though? I think not!

And... my daughter has been looking at some colleges with hefty price tags – yikes! Although my first choice would be for her to stay in town and go to a local community college to keep costs down, I realize that option might not be the best way to prepare her for her future, or God's plan for her.

Free Money for College

Thankfully, there is money available for all types of students, in the form of scholarships and grants.

Websites like scholarships.com and fastweb.com are two great resources that match students up to available money, based on their profile.

Another way to get money for college is by doing well on the SAT exam. If your teen decides to take the SAT, there are many ways, and free preparation resources available to help ensure success.

The College Board (the creators of the SAT) provides a free, downloadable booklet to help you best prepare for the SAT. You can download it from their website. You can also find free practice tests on their website, and sign-up for daily SAT practice questions. My daughter found the questions very helpful.

SAT Prep Success

Last year, a friend told me about Jean Burke; she has two children who received full scholarships to their favorite colleges, just by doing well on the SAT test. Jean has now dedicated her life to teaching others about the SAT test and how to achieve success, through her College Prep Genius program.

We contacted Jean and asked her if she would come and share her SAT Prep workshop to help highschool homeschooling students in our area better prepare for the SAT and PSAT/ NMSQT tests. She agreed and our homeschool co-op hosted the two day SAT Prep seminar for area homeschooling families late last spring. Jean did a remarkable job at informing and preparing our students, giving them lots of practical skills and tips on how to best take this popular college admissions test.

Become a College Prep Genius

Jean offers two ways to help your highschool homeschooling students get ready for the big day:

1. Host a Group Seminar
If you can get a group of 25 or more students together in your area, Jean will travel and present the program in person. The cost is just $99 per student which includes the lectures, workbook and textbook. (For an additional $50 or so, you can purchase the DVDs, so students can re-listen to the material once the seminar is over.)

2. Prepare at Home
Jean also offers her program through an affordable homeschooling curriculum package that includes a textbook, workbook and DVDs. Students can work at their own pace while learning Jean's tips, tricks and secrets to mastering the SAT.

Affordable SAT Prep

If you have the opportunity to attend a workshop in your area, you can also sit in on Jean's workshop with your student. Many of our co-op parents spent the two days listening to Jean and taking notes. Jean's teaching is invaluable and enjoyable!

Because I have two young children, I unfortunately wasn't able to sit and listen to Jean for very long. I asked my daughter to share her experience, so you can learn more about this program and to help you decide if it's right for your homeschooling student or family.

Read my daughter's experience using this SAT test prep course for homeschoolers.

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