Accelerate Your High School
Homeschool Education

From increased free time, to a customized education, high school homeschool students enjoy many benefits when schooling at home.

When earning a high school diploma at home, you child will have the luxury of increased time to explore and develop their interests.

Some students even use their extra time to start a business. If you have an entrepreneurial-minded child, this a great perk!

Homeschooling high school students can take advantage of a wonderful money and time-saving opportunity to advance their education and get ahead in life.

Earn College Credit While Still in High School

A great time-saving and money-saving option is earning college credit while working on a high school homeschool diploma.

Taking courses online or through a community can reduce college costs, however, your student can save even more money by earning credit by examination.

What is Credit by Examination?

Credit by examination is earning college credit for a course by passing a college level exam.

Not all credits can be earned this way, but many general education courses can be earned through examination.

In some cases up to one third of your college degree can be earned through examination. Think of the money you can save!

Over ¼ million people earn credit by examination each year. Approximately one million credits are awarded, by both local community colleges and universities, to students who have never entered a college classroom!

Why use credit by examination for YOUR family?

Saves Money

Credit by examination offers homeschool students an opportunity to earn college credit affordably, while earning a high school diploma at the same time. Pay once for dual credit.

High school classes = high school credit. College-level classes = high school AND college credit! :)

If you're like most homeschooling families, living on one income isn't always easy. Putting a child through college is difficult for anyone. Paying for multiple children – yikes!

Honestly... sometimes I don't want to think about it!

However, credit by examination offers your family a convenient way to save money when beginning college, and in today's economy, saving money is essential.

It's Flexible

Earning credit by examination is easy and flexible.

You can study at your own pace, in your own comfortable space. You have the freedom to study whenever you want, however you want, in whatever way is best for you.

Saves Time

When earning credit by examination, you can study at your own pace. If you don't understand something, you can spend some time reading it over until you do.

In a regular class, if you stop to go back, you will fall behind. Also, if it is easy for you, you can move faster without waiting for the rest of the class.

High school homeschool students enjoy increased time to study since they spend zero time traveling to and from class. (Think of the gas you'll save!)

Go to College? Mmmmm... Maybe Not!

Why go to college when you can take a test and earn credit without even entering a college classroom?

By using credit by examination, you can study the materials at home, go to the testing center just once to test out of the class and… receive credit for "going to class".

It's like skipping school, but still passing with full attendance!

Your family saves time and money while your high school homeschool student jump starts their college degree. How cool is that!

Graduate quicker, begin your career earlier and start earning money sooner, with credit by examination!

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