High Risk Turns to No Risk with Connections Academy

by Emily Shiffer
(Wilkes-Barre, PA)

Connections Academy School-at-Home Success

Connections Academy School-at-Home Success

Happy mom shares some benefits of Connections Academy - a free online public and affordable online private school...

I enrolled my daughter in Connections Academy for kindergarten, and by the end of the year she was reading and writing! Connections Academy was so good with her I decided to keep her in for first grade.

My friend saw what Connections did with my daughter and decided to enroll his son. His son was in public school for K and 1st, he was diagnosed ADHD and medicated. The system had passed him on to 2nd grade and he couldn't even read!

We had Connections test him and he was labeled 'high risk'. They enrolled him in 1st again. In the beginning of the year his letter naming fluency was 5/40 and labeled High Risk, his phoneme segmentation was 0/26 and labeled High Risk, his nonsense word fluency was 0/24 and labeled High Risk. Now we are half way through the year and he is now labeled No Risk in all!

He had a social worker who worked with his behavior in the public school, she said that he does more work in one day of Connections then they could get him to do in one month of school! The best part? NO MORE MEDS. He is no longer on medicine, and doing wonderful! He is reading and writing!

The teachers are awesome, so supportive, and encouraging. They sent us so many resources and so many tools! I am so happy we found Connections Academy!

Emily, what a great story! Thanks for sharing your Connections Academy experience with others; I'm sure other parents looking for school-at-home options will find your thoughts very helpful. Blessings, Heather :)

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