Heather's Helpful Hints
for a Healthy Homeschool!

Just as keeping fit is essential to our health and well being, a peace-filled, healthy homeschool is vital to your success as a home educator.

A home filled with complaining, dissention, arguing and unkindness, directly effects learning and ultimately, the success of your homeschool.

Creating a positive learning environment and raising responsible children takes some focused attention, but the time invested is well worth it.

Eat Right

Your family’s eating habits play an essential role in maintaining a healthy homeschool. White bread, processed food, and prepackaged products contain little nutritional value for you and your growing children. Instead look for whole grain items or natural food substitutes.

It may take a little getting used to, but the heath benefits are worth it.

When planning family meals, keep in mind vegetables and fruits contain the vitamins and minerals that help strengthen the immune system, but grains are also important. A multi-vitamin can fill in the gaps where diet lacks, extra doses of vitamin C and zinc help, and drinking water hydrates and cleanses the body.

Water is essential for optimum health and it is also imperative that you drink enough water for your brain to function properly.

Introduce some healthy brain foods like oatmeal, avocados, and fish into your child’s diet. Feeding their brain is so important while children are developing and the essential fatty acids from fish are a necessity to your body’s overall health.

Giving your brain the proper nutrients, helps you to think quicker, improves your memory, co-ordination and concentration.

Physical Activity

To have a healthy homeschool your children need physical activity and the younger they are, the more they seem to need! :)

Make sure you schedule time for home school physical education. You will find a growing number of sports classes and programs during the day for homeschooled children.

If your children seem distracted or unable to sit still during the day, take a moment or two to get some exercise.

Many times I will find my young daughter not focusing on our lessons or activities. Instead of getting angry with her or telling her repeatedly to sit still, we get up and move around, or play a fun game to get rid of the "wigglies". :)

Sometimes I send my children outdoors to run around in the backyard or to find some interesting objects outside during our home school science lesson, that go along with what they are learning.

You may find that your children will settle down, ready and willing to learn, once they expel their excess energy.

One time my daughter had writer’s block during a language arts writing assignment. She kept complaining and saying she didn’t know what to write about.

After spending fifteen minutes walking in the brisk air, through the crunchy snow, she produced a beautifully descriptive paragraph about her Michigan winter wonderland.

Taking frequent breaks for activity will not only make your kids learn better, but you will also have healthy homeschool children! :)

Free Time

Scheduling free time to pursue hobbies or special interests is also extremely important to keep a healthy home school.

You and your children need to take a break from learning and studying to relax and have fun furthering a special talent or gift.

Besides getting through lessons each day and trying to keep up with the home school schedule, make sure you take time for social outings or homeschool field trips. Getting away from your daily schedule or routine will help to keep your family uplifted and energized.

Character Building

Education is not only for your mind. More important than a good education is good character.

Honesty, integrity, kindness, and love are character qualities that you want to foster in your child. As a homeschool parent, you have the opportunity to spend quality time building good character qualities into your child.

Character building takes consistency and time. To truly have a healthy homeschool, you need to spend time focusing on your child’s character. Don’t overlook bad attitudes, complaining or irresponsibility, it will affect your whole family and your homeschooling.

If your child complains, talks back or refuses to do what you tell, then you need to focus on the obedience issue first.

Many times we have stopped our regular work during the day to focus on character development. If my children sport a ‘tude during their lessons or have an unteachable spirit, then our schoolwork comes to a screeching halt.

I must admit, there have been times when our whole school day consisted of character development! :(

You can not teach a child that has a defiant attitude or closed mind. Your children need to have willing and teachable spirits.

Good character is more important to our family than a high IQ or straight A’s. But you know what? Building good character helps your child succeed in school. They become diligent, self governed, responsible and others centered, rather than self-centered.

Although character building is definitely not easy, your children become a blessing to you and others in the process!

Now that is a healthy homeschool! :)

Make character building fun!

Do you have a young child that has difficulty sharing, telling the truth, or showing self-control? Do you wish there was an easier way to help him change his behavior?

healthy homeschool

With the enduring Character Builders video series from Alpha Omega Publications, your child will learn Christ-like character qualities!

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Do You Have Healthy Tip or Two to Share?

Keeping our family healthy is important, but not always easy. When we are busy, we don't always eat right. Sometimes we forget to exercise. Bad attitudes and character may wreak havoc in our homeschool room...

How do you keep your homeschool family healthy and happy?

Share your story, tips or healthy recipes to encourage others!

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