Hands-on Homeschooling History: Westward Ho by Laurie Carlson

by Deb
(Twin Peaks, CA, USA)

Homeschooling History Resources

Homeschooling History Resources

If you have a kinetic learner then you need to get Laurie Carlson's books, she has a series of them for homeschooling history. Westward Ho, Classical Kids, More than Moccasins, Days of Knights and Damsels and Colonial Kids. I know she has more as well but these are the ones primarily for history. They all have a brief reading to give you the facts and then an activity to connect the learning. Most of the activities are doable in your day. Some are more involved and so you may want to skip those, but my son always loved doing them.

I started using her books with my son in Kindergarten and have continued all through to 5th grade. I didn't use it for as many projects this past year as it was getting a little young. For sure it is great through til 4th as you do your history of westward movement and Indians. I have only used it in a supplemental form once he hit 3rd grade as the content isn't enough at that point. But it is wonderful for helping to make other reading come to life with all the activities. Also, as they get older, they can read the brief facts and stories themselves in this book where as some of the other texts I am still reading to him. They are reasonably priced at just $15.00 each. I have also found our libraries to carry most of them, so try looking there as well.

Thanks for sharing some hands-on resources for homeschooling history - great review! Blessings, Heather :)

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