Hands of a Child Lapbooks

If you enjoy hands-on learning, you'll what to check out Hands of a Child lapbooks – you'll find hundreds of complete project packs for a constantly growing number of subjects.

Not all kids like worksheets or learn well with traditional curriculum.

Even children who love worksheets enjoy hands-on projects from time-to-time; I know that has been true in our family.

However, if your child seems bored with your curriculum or homeschool lessons, give lapbooking a try! You can enrich any topic with a fun, hands-on project!

What are Lapbooks?

Lapbooks are basically a presentation of information of a topic your child has studied, and organized through mini-books and graphic organizers in a file folder. Lapbooks are like mini portfolios or mini-scrap books.

hands of a child lapbook

Pictured: Hands of a Child Africa Project Pack

Minimize Preparation Time

The downfall of lapbooking is that it can take time to find or create all the mini-books and print-outs you need for your folder. You can find a lot of free lapbook resources online, but when you can't find one for the topic or grade you need, buying a ready-made lapbook is worth it!

Hands of a Child

Hands of a Child was started in 2002 by two homeschooling moms who love lapbooks and scrapbooking. They started their company to help parents like you and me, save time on lesson preparation and help us make homeschooling more fun for our families.

You will find over 400 project packs as well as notebook pages on almost any subject imaginable!

I have purchased quite a few Hands of a Child lapbooks. This past year we began a study of all the continents and used Hand of a Child (HOAC) for many of them.

Convenient and Easy-to-Use

I like the Hands of a Child lapbooks because everything you need is right there for you. You can purchase the project packs as a regular book, CD, or download the curriculum as an ebook. I personally like downloading digital files and saving them to my computer. It's easier for me to print out the sheets that I need versus copying them from a book and I never plan far enough ahead to wait for a CD to come in the mail! :) Downloadable files are delivered instantly and are usually cheaper than physical products too.

Hassle-free Homeschooling

You will find simple instructions and short lessons to begin each activity. The newer project packs include a lesson plan and answer key - helpful for those who need a little more structure, or have other children to school or take care of.

If you are looking for some hands-on projects to make homeschooling more fun, check out Hands of a Child lapbooks - they bring "laughter and learning together, in the hands of a child"!

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