Hands of a Child Lapbook Savings

Love lapbooking? Enjoy some dollar-stretching Hands of a Child lapbook savings!

Hands of a Child was the first business to start selling ready-made lapbook kits for parents who love lapbooking but hate wasting time scouring the internet gathering information or creating print-outs for their lessons.

My children love HOAC lapbooks; they are simple to use, and fun to complete. I like that each lapbook has a similar set-up; it makes finding the information you need, easier.

Although Hands of a Child (HOAC) project packs are very reasonably priced, there are some great ways you can save money.

Weekly $5 Deal

Every week Hands of a Child offers one of their project packs for only $5! These aren't a shortened or modified version, these ebooks are the full-version, ready-made project packs which normally sell for $12-$20 or so! These are great to buy to go along with a unit you will be doing in the future, when you want to take a break from your day-to-day lessons, or for summer learning.

If you know the different topics that you will cover with your children during the year, take advantage of this Hands of a Child lapbook savings opportunity. I download and save all my HOAC lapbooks in a special folder on my computer, so I can easily find them when I need them.

Website Freebie

Every few months, HOAC offers one of their lapbooks for free! Again, these free ebooks aren't modified or sample versions, they are the full project pack for a complete lapbook. Download the current HOAC freebie! You can receive notification when they add a new freebie, by signing up for their email newsletter or "liking" them on Facebook.

Super Membership

Save money and get special benefits, like FREE lapbooks when you purchase a HOAC Super Membership. HOAC offers a 2 month, 6 month, 1 year and lifetime membership to their site. One year members and above receive one ebook project pack for free per month = 12 free lapbooks per year - check out the 2012 list! AND you get 15% off all your other lapbook purchases. Now that's some great Hands of a Child lapbook savings!

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