Hands of a Child Homeschool Convention Discount

by Heather

Hands of a Child Homeschool Convention Discount

Hands of a Child Homeschool Convention Discount

How cool is this?! Take advantage of a Hands of a Child homeschool convention discount EVEN THOUGH HOAC won't be exhibiting at any conventions this year!

Although you won't find HOAC at any conventions this year, Hands of a Child savings are only a click away, with PEAH.

Hands of a Child is a leader in hands-on lapbooking and notebooking unit studies.

Sometimes you need to pitch traditional note-taking! I remember writing for what seemed like hours in public school. Board after board, we would have to copy onto lined paper, to learn and remember facts, dates, and other information. While traditional note-taking is a necessary skill to develop and practice, too much can be quite boring, and unenjoyable, especially for younger students.

Recording what our children learn and keeping "notes" from their lessons can be fun with lapbooking and notebooking Project Packs from Hands of a Child.

This homeschool convention season, save 20% on all Hands of a Child products with coupon code: PEAH.

Learn more about Hands of a Child lapbooks, or visit the HOAC website to find some great project packs for your whole family.

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