Grandmother in Need of Homeschool Books for 1st Grade

by Diane C
(Salisbury, NC, USA)

I am going to homeschool my granddaughter (who we are raising), and I need any 1st grade homeschool books and workbooks that any one has to offer.

After her year in public school in kindergarten I refuse to send her back. I don't feel that any child should be subjected to ridicule and name calling for any reason, esp in kindergarten. We don't behave that way in our home and I just don't want her to be treated like that.

Please help if you can. I greatly appreciate it.
May GOD bless you.
Diane C

Hi Diane,
Thanks for posting your need to my website. I am so sorry that your grand-daughter's first year in public school was so awful - kids can be mean, that's for sure!

I applaud your efforts to oversee her education - what a loving and caring grandma she has! Hopefully someone has some extra first grade curriculum that they can pass along to you and your grand-daughter. I will spread the word!

If you don't hear from anyone, you can find free curriculum at and​ - very helpful and comprehensive websites!

Heather :)

If you have first grade homeschool books and workbooks that you could donate to Diane, please post below as a comment and contact me (Heather) with your contact info (please include that you have curriculum for Diane). I will forward your email to her and you can work out the exchange together. Thanks!

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