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by Angie
(Maple Grove, MN)

Loads of Homeschooling Preschool Fun!

Loads of Homeschooling Preschool Fun!

Mom highly recommends The Complete Book and CD Set of Rhymes, Songs, Poems, Fingerplays and Chants by Jackie Silberg and Pam Schiller for homeschooling preschool fun…

I love this 500+ page book of nursery rhymes, songs and fingerplays for my preschooler. Depending on which letter we are working on, there is an ample amount of activities for each letter of the alphabet. Not only are they fun and engaging, but my daughter loves them. Without it, I would have just taught her the ones I remembered off the top of my head, but this book is so thorough that it quickly taught me the value in striving for excellence in my teaching, especially in being complete and in giving her variety.

I have used this curriculum for the past year and plan to use it again this year for my daughter's second year of preschool. We all love the two CD's that it came with. This title complements another preschool book by Pam Schiller, called Creating Readers.

My overall favorite part of this curriculum is the series of indexes. First, the book is ordered alphabetically. But, in the back, there is a First Line Index if you only remember how a rhyme starts. Then, there is a Theme Connections Index, in the case that you only wanted all the fingerplays for fish or opposites, for example. There is also a Category Index, divided into chants, tongue twisters, rhymes and poems, etc.

This series of indexes has been so helpful for me when I have tried finding what I am looking for.

The book is affordable. I bought it used off of Amazon, but the new purchase was less than $30 with the two CDs.

Other than purchasing this book used, the only other cost-cutting tip I have is to laminate the reproducible handouts in back to reuse for review or with other children.


Great recommendation, Angie! Thanks on behalf of all the homeschooling preschool parents. Happy homeschooling, Heather :)

Find new and used copies of The Complete Book and CD Set of Rhymes, Songs, Poems, Fingerplays and Chants by Jackie Silberg and Pam Schiller at Amazon.

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