Get Your Homeschooling Child To Think Better

by Heather
(Southfield, MI)

Get Your Homeschooling Child to Think Better

Get Your Homeschooling Child to Think Better

As a homeschooling mom of four kids, I am always on the look-out for quality educational products that are affordable and really work.

When I received our Home Chess Learning Kit in the mail, I was definitely not disappointed. Although the program is geared for any age, I was quite surprised how quickly my five-year-old daughter picked up the game.

She had never played chess before, so I very interested to see how she would respond, and if she would even understand the game or the DVD lessons.

Elliott is fun to watch as he teaches. Sometimes when watching "how-to" videos I feel "on edge" because the individual teaching isn't relaxed - I'm sure teaching in front of a video camera isn't easy.

But Elliott is a natural. He's fun, has a nice teaching voice and I found him interesting and entertaining. Elliott is also a homeschool graduate and master chess player; he loves the game and it's contagious!

After watching the first few segments, my five-year-old could easily move the pieces around the board correctly, and went on to complete each lesson.

The Home Chess Learning Kit workbooks provide extra help and needed reinforcement for my kids.

I really like the durable black carrying case; everything fits inside perfectly and easily, eliminating the problem of missing game pieces. (Definitely a problem in our house!)

Additionally, the board and pieces are large and durable - tough enough to withstand constant use from my busy family.

I love our Chess Learning Kit from Chess House, it's not only a great education tool, but provides lots of engaging and competitive family fun for my family. I highly recommend this product to other homeschooling families.

Check out a sample of Elliott's teaching below:

Raphael Neff, successful homeschool graduate, owner of Chess House and brother of Elliott shares how you can help your homeschooling child think and learn better. Enjoy some exclusive savings through PEAH too!

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