Funnix Home School Reading Program Review

by Erin
(Redfield, Ia)

Home School Reading Program Review

Home School Reading Program Review

Young home schooling mom shares some money-saving news! Try this home school reading program FREE for the month of January!

I just started using Funnix Reading Program with my 4 year old. I have always wanted to start a casual homeschooling lessons for him that were easy for me because I was having a hard time keeping with a program. This program has been fun for him so far. It keeps his attention and he is learning to participate with it. Since we have never done any formal learning programs, it has been neat to see him quickly picking up the early reader questions in the curriculum.

We have only used this home school reading program a few days, but it is an excellent beginner reader program. As a parent, you must sit with the child to go through the program. If there is an area you want or need to repeat, you can repeat that short clip in the lesson. There are several sections in each lesson, and there are about 120 lessons in the Funnix Beginner Reader. They go through sounds, listening skills, story time and even a worksheet you print off at the end of the lesson and go through. My son quickly followed the directions and enjoyed them, even though he had never done any of it before.

This program is very affordable right now. This month they are offering the program free on their website, You download it to your computer. Then you also can print off the worksheet lessons as needed. This is nice, so that you can go back and reprint if you want to do the lesson again. My son enjoys repeating the lessons, and I like that he learns a little more each time.

The one con that I have found is that sometimes they can speak a little quicker than my son works. For some, it may not be a problem. And we just repeat when necessary, but it would be nice, especially in the beginning lessons to slow down when that happens.

Thanks for a home school reading program review, Erin! I have never heard of Funnix Reading Program and enjoyed learning more about it as well as the opportunity to try this program for free! Blessings, Heather :)

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Feb 01, 2012
Funnix Available for FREE Feb. 1-16, 2012 NEW
by: Anonymous

From February 1 through 16th, the Funnix Beginning Reading program will be free for download--no strings, no hidden costs.

The Funnix sequence teaches 2 year's worth of reading skills. During last year's promotion, more than 40,000 people received the Funnix Beginning Reading program free. Even higher numbers are anticipated for this year.

If you're in the market for an excellent beginning reading program, sign up for your free download of Funnix Beginning Reading. The program has been offered for $25 during most of 2011; however, the price will rise to $38 following the giveaway in February.

Funnix Beginning Reading is a free download. Complete the form available at starting February 1 to receive an email with instructions on how to download the entire 220 lessons onto your computer. You will receive everything you need to teach the program, including daily workbook activities and guides to help utilize the program effectively.

When you teach Funnix Beginning Reading, you and your child sit next to each other and watch the computer screen. A narrator presents a series of fast-paced exercises in each 30-minute lesson. The narrator asks questions, and your child responds out loud. Your job is to reinforce correct responses and correct any mistakes by following simple rules for "navigating" the program.

In schools, the program works the same way, except there's usually a small group of children being taught, and the person who leads the group is a teacher or an aide.

The program, designed by Siegfried Engelmann and Owen Engelmann, has been very successful with a large range of children from ages 4 through 7 who enter the program know nothing about reading, including children who have been written off by schools.

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