Funding for Homeschoolers!!!

by shanesgurl

Money for Homeschooling?

Money for Homeschooling?

Public schools are given an average of $10,000 a year per child for their education. This is paid for by your taxes. So for those of us to choose to homeschool our children, I think it would be pretty fair that we get at least half of that, towards our childs homeschool education. Anyone up for getting a petition to get funding for us homeschoolers?

Could you imagine what you could do for your child's education with 5,000 dollars a year! I could take my kids to the Lincoln memorial, visit historical sites, buy them each a computer, buy memberships to special learning services online, text books, work books, etc... What COULD YOU do with $5000 towards your child's education?

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Oct 23, 2010
No More Entitlements! Not even for us!
by: Sally

As much as I would love to have an extra $5000 per child for "school" (who's kidding whom - that $ would be spent on a new car and a nice vacation), where do you think that money would come from? From the government? There is no such thing as government money -- that money is ours! That is TAX money. Paid by you and me. No more entitlement programs!! Not even for my benefit. Keep your hands out of my pockets.

Oct 24, 2010
thank you for your contribution: however....
by: Anonymous

As you can see from about the third sentence in the story above, I mention that OUR taxes pay for our children to go to public schools. What I am asking is that if I choose to home school my children, that money should go to me for their education instead of the school they are no longer going to getting it. This is NOT an entitlement program, this is you keeping your tax dollars instead of the school and government keeping it. The government shouldn't get to keep it, if they are not using it, and they are not going to continue to use my tax dollars for my childs education on their war agendas. It is proven that children who are homeschooled score at least 25% higher on tests than those children attending public school, so they are obviously not putting the money to good use anyway. I can do more with that money than they could. And lets face it- it is MY money, so I could do with it whatever I please. And I think that at least most homeschooling parents would make sure that the money was put to good use in their childs education. Homeschoolers already pay a pretty good penny out for their children's education anyway, for things like worksheets, books, computer programs, lesson plans, website memberships, etc... Imagine how much easier it would be to give your child the education they need with a little extra money that was yours to begin with... So while I understand your point of view. Please take a moment to understand our point of view... We LOVE our children, and we KNOW that public education is not serving the best interests of our children and their educational needs, and at least I, refuse to continue to let the government use my tax dollars for MY child's education to continue their warmongering agendas. We are ENTITLED to keep our money and use it in our children's education...
Thank you...

Apr 03, 2011
I am with you
by: Anonymous

I have a son with half a heart, his immune system of course is next to nill. I can not put him in a public school for that reason also for the simple reason when I asked if they would be able to monitor his color and breathing periodically and on the playground they simply suggested I put him in a special ed class. The kids in that class get more medical attention. I explained that my son is not mentally needing that class just needs to be looked after. What would it hurt them to get to know my son and just keep an extra eye on him. So I am now choosing to homeschool, since I will be fulfilling their job why should they get to keep that 10K when I am doing their job just because he is enrolled in their public school? I will be teaching him and following "THEIR" curriculum!!!! Talk about a sham! Thats the government though! When he was born and had open heart surgery at 1 day old I asked the county for help and they said sorry...... But my crackhead sister inlaw goes to the county and says "I'm a single mother and need help financially and I am using IV drugs" They gave her cash aid, food stamps, housing, and therapy with medi-cal!!! Thats putting mine and your tax dollars to good use, RIGHT!!???!

May 18, 2011
I'm all for it!
by: Anonymous

If we are saving the government money by keeping our kids at home to school them whether by choice or illness, it only makes sense that we get that tax break.Why should should we be forced to pay for what we do not use or benefit from. I homeschool because My Son was diagnosed with ADHD and Mood Disorder. It makes unruly even with an assistant in class by his side. He's not mean, but he has problems with Sensory processing. I had to pull him out for the Teacher's sake and his. We should definitely get our funds back by way of a huge tax break and them some.

Jun 08, 2011
HELP, please?
by: Anonymous

My son is legally blind and autistic and was just expelled and he can not return to the school, ever. Researching home=schooling options. email me if you have any suggestions - thank you

Oct 06, 2011
Theory but not practical! LOVE it!
by: Anonymous

While I too homeschool all four of my kids (TALK ABOUT $$$! That is $40,000 a YEAR I would LOVE to use towards our educational activites.) and "save" the gov't the cost they would otherwise put into the public school system there is a big problem with this train of thought. I would LOVE to have a tax break because I am not requiring these tax dollars to be spent on MY family however, my parents who are retired also pay for public schools and have not had a child in a school system for over 20 years. Should they then not have to pay taxes for their lack of using this portion of the gov't?

Once we start sectioning off the parts of gov't we do not use or support we have a mess. A much better solution would be for the public gov't to get out of education ALL TOGETHER - but that is even more unlikely than me getting a tax break for homeschooling. So I will continue homeschooling my children because I know it is the best option for their development and not wait for the gov't to give me back anything for it.

May 01, 2012
by: Anonymous

Agreed! We own a home in Texas and $980 a year of our property taxes goes to the school system that my child does not even attend because I homeschool!

Aug 13, 2012
Getting help for a single mother in fanancial difficulties
by: Anonymous

I have a 15 year old that has been doing homeschool for almost two years and come to fine out the online school he was attending was not a credited school. With my health issues and financial difficulties I am not able to pay for his schooling, I am looking for type of help in order to enroll him in independent studies program. Times are hard for us right now because I have not been able to work due to a back injury that ha not allowed me work, it has left me in a bind. If there is any type of help out there please let me know.

Sep 10, 2012
I totally agree
by: KL

I am homeschooling my son and it is a great effort to keep up with bills having one less income in the house. The program/school my son is enrolled in has many field trips and we have not been able to assist to any due to the shortage in money. I wanted to take my son to the everglades since it is part of what we are studying but even by living in Miami I haven not been able to. A help would be much appreciated. To enroll him in sports is quite difficult too because now that we have the time we do not have the money.

Sep 14, 2012
that is bs
by: crystal

You know my dad and I are raising my niece and nephew have been since 00 my nephew has adhd and a defiant disorder. He has gotten in trouble at school and they told us that tho he can not return to school they will give him the assignments and he can do his school work from home. So needless to say my dad and I have decided to home school him. How do I start home schooling him, what do I need to look for. I have so many questions anyone able to help please email me at thank you for your help in advance.

Nov 01, 2012
Why not the full $10k?
by: Anonymous

If the public school gets $10,000 for my child to get lost in a class of 23 students, eat sub-par food, and be denied proper accommodations for his special needs, why can't I also get that $10,000 to homeschool him, where I can give him one-on-one attention AND a specialized education?

Jan 03, 2013
Totally Agree
by: Sarah

I completely agree with almost everything I've read here today. If a petition where given to me to sign, my husband and I would be delighted to add our names to help the fight for a little funding for homeschooling our son. Why should we have to pay taxes to a school our little boy doesn't even attend? That tax money should be allowed to stay in our home in order to provide him with the education he deserves.

Jan 28, 2013
I want to homeschool
by: Anonymous

I want to homeschool and I am really considering it. My property taxes are over $6000. That would help so much. My daughter is in 6th grade regular ed classes, however the teachers are not doing their job to help her education. My daughter doesn't even know cursive. She is so behind educationally it's pathetic. She is at a 4th grade reading level. Her spelling is a atrocious. I could definitely put that money to better use then the wasteful spending they use it on.

May 15, 2013
I'm all for it
by: Anonymous

I am the parent of a child with multiple special needs who was bullied so much at school that I finally had to remove her from public school. I now homeschool both of my children, and I can honestly say they are so much happier, and are doing so much better in homeschool than they did in public school. My thing is...WHY should the public school be allowed to get the funding for my children when my children were pulled from school because the administration would not enforce their "No Bullying" policy...If I was basically forced into having to homeschool my children, shouldn't I get the funding to ensure I can provide them with quality educational experiences?

Apr 02, 2014
by: Anonymous

My children are both special needs. They have been abused long enough by the public school system. I could tell you horror stories for hours but no one really cares. Homeschooling has been a financial burden but my taxes continue to rise. I hear some say that if we were to receive funds we wouldn't use them for education for our children. Well you might not but my child's education means more to me than any car or vacation so don't include everyone in your comments. I agree that the state should aid families for homeschooling. Better yet, they would fix what's broken with our school system, beginning with teachers an officials that don't give a care about your child or your struggles.

Jan 24, 2015
Why are the teachers..Pay us for it
by: Anonymous

I agree with most of the postings.
I had no choice on the homeschooling. I have tried to fight this all the way to the White House to no resolution to my issue. At the very least, we should be paid, get funds, and have all school supplies paid for.

May 05, 2015
If there is not a petition started-lets start one
by: Anonymous

I am a single mother of three kids. I am a part time caregiver with a union. My oldest was in title programs until 4th grade where she was taken out of the programs. Her grades are suffering. I have had to attend meetings with her teachers, counselors, principal, etc...if they are going to blame me for my child failing...(I did homeschool my children for 5months and it helped a lot with her because it one on one. Her class size is 30+...I do not think I should have money taken out of my paycheck or property taxes for teachers who are not doing their job...meanwhile my daughter is failing more. I think it is time we start a petition if there is not one already started. That money that goes to schools, should go to us if the teachers are not doing their jobs and we have to step in and do homeschooling.

May 06, 2015
Awesome Idea1
by: Sherri

I'm all for it. The quality is in your hands!

May 10, 2015
by: Mrs.Fields

I think this would be an excellent idea. As disciplined parent, with their child's education at the forefront will not blow that money but would put it to great use. As you said there is sooo much that could be done, so much our homeschoolers would have the opportunity to do. I love this idea. I really would love to be apart of making it happen!
This would help with the financial burden of books, materials, equipment, programs, day trips, etc, would be more easily

Aug 05, 2015
by: Anonymous

I'm all for it. I wouldn't even need half...give us a tenth! Then I'll be able to afford to buy a top-of-the line curriculum and the supplies we need for the year!

Oct 12, 2015
the time is now
by: Anonymous

This website and board has been up for 5 years and still nothing coming from the gov't. If we want to get our hard earned dollars back to put to gr at use in the development of our children and investment in their future we are going to have to MAKE THEM MAKE THE GOV't answer to the people

Nov 29, 2015
help me im new
by: Anonymous

If I had $$ from taxes that would help so much me and my husband make about 30k a year we have four boys I was forced by the school to remove my children I'm glad for it because they are much healthier and happier than I've ever seen them and that makes me proud they were so far behind and they are doing so much better now this is our first time having to do this any advice would be appreciated we live in Oklahoma and would love to get a petition going how can I do that

May 14, 2016
It's Simple...
by: Anonymous

I am for taking the money. Why not? If we already know how much they are taking in taxes I see it as a nice refund. Thanks!

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