Fun Homeschooling Ideas: Stay Flexible and Try Something New

by Maragrita Swann
(Atlanta GA,)

We're homeschooling parents that have a fabulous opportunity to really know and enjoy our children. Let's do it! Fun homeschooling ideas are always up for grabs anytime at our house.

Our family loves to have BIBLE study everyday for at least 15 minutes, where brick and mortal can not. That is a plus for homeschooling. In our homeschool, we may use a pre-packaged program with just one of them, and then you have everything there. My son isn't always up to workbooks and writing, so we change it up sometimes. That is where FLEXIBILITY comes in. Don't be afraid to mix it up!

Children LOVE surprises and a variety of activities keep there interest involved. Another plus for my family is we love to do LAPBOOKING. We go to the library and have a list of books that we are going include in our lapbooking. We take our lapbooking planner that includes our goals, materials on hand, videos to watch, related books, activities to include, suggested field trips, etc.

There are thousands of lapbooks to choose from. So far this year we have worked on turtles, state of GA, Charlotte's Web, sharks, dinosaurs, Johnny Appleseed. If you plan it out right, you can use all subjects in your lapbook except Math. (With some, like Johnny Appleseed, you can use the apples for math by cutting them up (fractions) or baking and cooking. Adding cooking to your homeschool lessons will provide children
with nutritional and practical experience; kids learn skills they will use for life.

We do online math games and take virtual fieldtrips. Virtual field trips are very coo and kids usually enjoy them. When it gets a little cooler outside (down south it is very hot right now inthe fall), we have a cover screened in porch and we love to do our work out there on the picnic table.

Some other fun homeschooling ideas...
  • go to the Library at least every other week
  • plan cheap or free fieldtrips
  • find a good church
  • picnics and parks
  • add Art to your homeschool lessons
  • take lots of pictures
  • use simple story starters to get your brain working in the morning
  • give the kids a journal
  • make Fridays a fun day!
We take lots of pictures and make a yearly book. That's a lot of fun to work on in the year. Get the kids involved, even the little ones. Buy cheap cameras and let them take pictures too. They may be silly, but these pictures will be so cherished later on in life.

I hope you got some input from our homeschooling days. Homeschooling is fun!
God Bless!

Great tips and advice, Margarita! Thanks for taking the time to share some fun homeschooling ideas with others. Homeschooling is such a wonderful opportunity; thanks for reminding us to stay flexible and make the most of the time we have with our kids. Blessings, Heather :)

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