Free Online Homeschooling Review

by Coffee Shapiro

Free Online Homeschooling Resources

Free Online Homeschooling Resources

Learn why this busy mom of many chooses to use the government-funded Connections Academy online homeschooling program, and K-12 homeschool curriculum...

I have a large family, from age 3-17 years and I use Connections Academy's free online homeschooling program and K-12 homeschool curriculum. Yes, it's the public school option but I couldn't do this without them.

They have sent me all the latest and best curriculum, especially Connections Academy; but they both are great. It's free; they send everything, even a computer and school supplies.

I have a lot of flexibility as well, and there is a lot of freedom in how I approach homeschooling and other important learning topics. It would drive me crazy to do it from scratch.

If anyone has a financial hardship or lives modestly like me, these are two programs that send you everything your child needs from start to finish. Educational and free web memberships, free Hooked-on-Phonics curriculum, and so many other electives. My oldest son will be taking Japanese this year.

I understand the desire to not want government involvement, but they will always be involved, no matter what you choose, and your child will have to meet the standards. Why trouble yourself with money issues and homeschooling? With these programs, you are home free.

Coffee, thanks for sharing about the free online homeschooling resources through Connections Academy and K-12. I appreciate your thoughts regarding public or government-funded homeschooling too. Wishing you and your family many blessings, Heather :)

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