Free Online Homeschool Programs: The Head of the Class and Starfall

by Ben Shearer
(Waynoka, Oklahoma, USA)

Free Online Homeschool Programs Review

Free Online Homeschool Programs Review

Homeschooling dad shares two free online homeschool programs for reading and math (and more!). Check out his money-saving review...

We just recently started using Starfall and Head of the Class - two free online homeschool programs, for our kids who are 5 and 8 years old. We're using them in conjunction with each other, because they compliment each other so well.

The reading and phonics setups are awesome! It's so nice for the kids to be able to just get on the computer and pull up one of the sites and get to work by themselves. We tell them to read aloud while reading on there, that way we can hear them while we're working, but the two of them actually require very little oversight.

The math through The Head of the Class is perfect for our five year old. Being naturally gifted at math, he breezed through the Kindergarten section and is now working on First Grade, because it's more challenging. He now asks, "Can I play math?" Wonderful!

Our eight year old has said that she loves having the multiple choice answers, because it makes the math easier for her... something we're not too sure pushes her along, but it has helped to peak her interest in math more. However, it's more of a supplement for her.

Together, they work really well for reading and phonics, but the math seems to be primarily focused on younger children. We're just really excited to have both of them to use for free.

The Head of the Class -
Starfall -

Ben, thanks for the review of these two free online programs! I am familiar with Starfall, but have never heard of Head of The Class. I looked around the Head of The Class website and they offer materials for most subjects - handwriting, geography, language arts, art, etc. for grades Prek-8. You're input will be VERY helpful to other parents looking for low-cost, or free online homeschool curriculum options for their family. Blessings, Heather :)

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