Free Online High School Curriculum: Homeschool College USA

by Nadine
(Virginia, USA)

I found the Homeschool College USA site a couple months ago, and am so far impressed with what is offered. The site lists various free, online textbooks and multimedia for high school courses with suggestions to flesh it out in order to prepare for various college credit exams (CLEP, DSST, ECE, etc).

It offers way more variety in courses with four to six different levels/courses for english, math, science, history. Nearly each course gives at least two different online textbook options (ck-12 and PASS most commonly used) to choose as the basis of your study then a collection of videos, lectures, flashcards, and quizzes/exams to supplement.

There are three different foreign language course options (Spanish, French, and German to align with CLEP exams) and a variety of elective options from computer technology and finance to government and psychology.

The student(s) can start amassing college credit through exams while simultaneously completing high school diploma.

This is not an accredited program. As the site specifically states their goal of providing a high school education for free, some resources may disappear or be replaced as time goes on (I haven't yet witness any of this except for a SAT prep link malfunctioning).

The Science courses do not exactly have lab equivalents (although Biology links to online labs and dissections), so that would either have to be supplemented or replaced with other curriculum.

Unless your student is incredibly self-motivated and organized, you may have to write out a working schedule and check regularly to ensure they are doing the work. Grading also falls on the student or parent's shoulders.

The resources are all online so if used as basic high school program, the student would be spending several hours on the computer (and the site does not have a way of monitoring if said student is actually working).

The majority of the courses appear to be secular
which may be a PRO/CON depending on what you're looking for. My daughter (17 this summer) is only using a few of the courses, mix-n-matching as she needs, and will likely go through a couple more in the future.

Thanks for sharing this free online high school curriculum and your review of Homeschool College USA, Nadine! Your comments are so helpful, especially to those who are looking to save as much money on college as they can. Homeschooling college – at least some of it, as well as taking college credit exams like CLEP, etc., is a GREAT money-saver. However, just a word of caution to parents before beginning down this path: Do some research first!

Most colleges do accept credit by examination, but some do not, as we learned last year when my 17yo was researching colleges. For example: Georgetown does not accept any credits earned by examination, whereas American University does. However, if your student enrolled in AU, received credit through examination and then later on transferred to Georgetown to complete their degree, the credit by examination credits would not transfer to Georgetown and students would need to repeat those courses at Georgetown. That was disappointing to my daughter, and she crossed Georgetown off her list.

Anyway, I’m all for credit by examination, I just wanted to add that info, to warn parents. Thanks again for sharing Homeschool College USA; the time you took to help others is greatly appreciated! Blessings, Heather :)

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