Free Homeschooling Curriculum
for Penny Pinching Parents!

Who doesn't love finding free homeschooling curriculum?! With rising gas prices and a sluggish economy, pinching pennies is a necessity and free resources are always a welcome blessing, right?

Free homeschooling curriculum can be a lifesaver, especially when you need to keep your home schooling costs to a minimum.

You literally can homeschool for free, with a little work.

To ensure a quality education, you will want to make sure your free resources provide everything you need to meet your state's homeschooling requirements.

Online Resources

The best place to find free educational resources is online. Whether you homeschool preschool or high school, you will find tons of valuable home school material, lessons plans and courses for your homeschool use.

A great website when homeschooling high school is offers the following courses for free:

  • Algebra
  • American Government
  • Biology
  • Calculus
  • Environmental Science
  • Physics
  • Psychology
  • World Religions
  • US History

For younger students, you will find many hands-on homeschooling activities through the wonderful website and community.

Below are some lapbooks my daughter and I made together this year. I had some file folders and paper available for these fun and creative hands-on projects, it just took a bit of time to print and cut. My daughter loved sharpening her scissor skills and can cut quite the straight line, now.

I am not sure who enjoys lapbooking more, my daughter or me! :)

free homeschooling curriculum free homeschool curriculum lapbooking

Local Libraries

If you are looking to minimize your home schooling costs, you will find many free homeschooling resources through your local library.

The library is a valuable resource for homeschooling families. I recommend you visit yours and ask for any assistance you need in finding available curriculum or courses.

Depending on your branch or where you live, you may also inter-loan materials for free from other neighboring branches.

Local Support Groups

You may want to check out local home school support groups for free homeschooling curriculum. Many have used curriculum sales right about this time of year. Often you can also find free items families are finished with and want to pass on.

If you have extenuating financial needs, I am positive you will find help, or possibly some curriculum donations! :) Perhaps you can donate some of your time or swap some of your curriculum with another family.

Educational Institutions

A few years ago, a mom from our homeschool co-op was given a "truck load" of used textbooks, teacher manuals and workbooks on every subject imaginable. Almost everything was in excellent condition.

Find out when a public or private school near you is getting rid of their used curriculum. Who knows? You may find a few gems to use in your homeschool room.

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To ensure a quality education, you will want to make sure your free resources provide everything you need to meet your state's home education requirements.

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