Free Homeschool Record Keeping

Free web-based tool keeps teachers organized AND provides free homeschool record keeping solutions for home educators too!

Homeschool record keeping takes time and can be a huge pain in the rear-especially for already busy parents.

Add teaching a homeschool co-op class or two to the mix, and you are sure to receive a massive migraine.

While I was the director of a homeschool co-op, a friend of mine sat me down and showed me what she used while teaching at our homeschool co-op.

She is a busy mom of three, who runs a non-profit summer science camp and teaches a science class at an area high school, all while homeschooling her kids and teaching at our co-op.

How does she keep organized and on top of all the classes she teaches?

With an absolutely free and secure grading system that can be also be used for your personal or co-op homeschool record keeping needs.

Free Homeschool Record Keeping Program

Engrade, a totally free and secure online record keeping tool available for school administers and classroom teachers, is also useful for your personal home school record keeping.

You can register for a secure account for your own home school, or homeschool co-op and enrichment program leaders can register as an administrator for the group. (I just set-up an account for my family's home school and also created another account for our homeschool co-op.)

Once you set-up an account, you can easily add students to your home school, or teachers to your group if you are a co-op leader.

Benefits Individual Families or Groups

My friend gave me an in-depth tutorial of all the features of Engrade and how each helped her keep track of her classes and all her students' assignments, homework, tests and grades; I was very impressed.

Instead of me trying to explain everything to you, take a few minutes and watch the video presentation below...

Engrade Video Presentation

Engrade Company Tidbits

Engrade, based in San Diego, California, was founded in 2003 by a great team of successful internet entrepreneurs who wanted to use their talents to help the world, and help the world they have! Over the years, Engrade has grown by leaps and bounds, being adopted by teachers and schools in all 50 states and in countries across the world.

Although this Californian company created their program for school teachers and administrators, it's also a perfect free homeschool record keeping solution for busy home educators as well.

Record keeping may still cost you some time but no longer does it need to cost you money with Engrade's web-based classroom management tools.

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