Free Homeschool Preschool Lapbooks

Lately, I've been running out of activities for my preschooler... until I found these free homeschool preschool project packs.

You will find a wonderful growing selection of free homeschool preschool lapbooks and printables at

I found this website a few weeks ago; it caught my attention because Jolanthe, the website owner, had pictures of her four year old son working on some fun activities.

I have a little four year old boy too, and he seems to get lost in the homeschool shuffle at our house. So, I was excited to find some hands-on and REALLY cute activities that I thought he would like to do while his older sisters do their schoolwork.

(I mean, REALLY cute and REALLY fun project packs, especially for little boys!)

Eliminate Homeschool Preschool Boredom

The project pack I downloaded first was the Garden Preschool Pack. Jolanthe includes everything you will need to make a cute lapbook - from the front cover graphics, to the inside contents.

Here is a picture of the front of his lapbook:

And a picture of the inside of his lapbook with all the pockets and activities. He loved helping me glue everything into his folder.

homeschool preschool lapbook

A game that he loved to play over and over again, was the "Hide the Trowel" game. I ended up laminating it because he wanted to play it so much.

homeschool preschool games

To play the game, you put the cabbage cards in rows from 1 to 20 and then hide a little card with a trowel on it, under one of the number cards. My son would have to find the trowel and then tell me what number he found it under. I think this was his favorite game to play all week.

Another activity my son enjoyed was the beginning sound word cards. There are eight picture cards with three letters underneath each picture. Your preschooler circles the beginning letter sound of each picture.

homeschool preschool game

You can print the cards on cardstock and use a clothespin so your child can reuse the cards over again. I ran out of cardstock, so I laminated our cards. After a couple of days he knew the correct beginning sound of each word.

My son learned the parts of a flower (flower, leaves, stem and roots), what a plant needs to grow (water, air, sun and soil), shapes, colors and he loved the "How a Plant Grows" sequencing cards.

Here are the parts of a flower cards:

homeschool preschool

And the sequencing cards:

preschool homeschool fun

My son enjoyed working on the letter tracing sheets – they are perfect for beginning writers and include tracing activities to develop handwriting skills and co-ordination.

homeschool preschool handwriting

At first I gave him a pencil and he wrote on the pages. He had a lot of fun with the different tracing activities and wanted to keep practicing each day. I didn't want to keep printing out pages so, I put the print-outs in sheet protectors and gave him a fine point dry-erase marker to write with. I am going to keep all the handwriting sheets in a notebook so we can use them for further practice at a later time.

Homeschool Preschool Success!

We had a fabulous week learning and playing together. He enjoyed helping me put his folder together and loved pulling his work out to show every one what he was learning.

It took a little time to cut everything out and laminate the different pieces, but the time investment was worth it. He can use his lapbook over and over again and laminating some of the activities made them sturdy and reusable. In fact, he looked at and played with his lapbook repeatedly this week, even though we were working on a new one (Jolanthe's free homeschool preschool Astronaut Project Pack) this week!

Free Homeschool Preschool Lapbooks

You can find a growing number of free homeschool preschool project packs and lapbooks on Jolanthe's site, Homeschool Creations. I guarantee your preschooler with LOVE them!

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