Free Homeschool Preschool Curriculum

by Karen Russell
(Waltham, MA, USA)

Homeschool Preschool Curriculum Review

Homeschool Preschool Curriculum Review

Homeschooling mom finally finds free homeschool preschool curriculum for her very active son. Read her Brightly Beaming Resources, Preparatory Curriculum review...

I have been searching the internet for sometime looking for a homeschool preschool curriculum that would work with my very active son. When I found the Brightly Beaming Resources website, I was very pleased with the ease of implementation. There was not a lot a set up time needed, and it was free. My son has responded very well to the earlier curriculums and he is four years old and will be starting the Preparatory Curriculum along with the Science of the Week, and Country of the Week curriculums offered, as a PK-K student in September.

What I liked most about this curriculum is that it doesn't make you feel like you need to go back to school as a parent to be able to teach your child. I felt confident in myself as a parent, that I have the ability to continue teaching my own child without the pressures that society tends to put on parents.

The way the homeschool preschool curriculum is set up, you can easily review each week’s lessons on the previous Saturday or Sunday, to get ready for Monday morning. If you have access to the internet, you don't need to purchase or print out information for the whole school year all at once.
Most public libraries have access to the internet and allow printing from most educational websites, if home access is not available, so the affordability is great for any parent that wants to try home schooling prior to Elementary school years to test it out.

Another way I found to save a little money with the above curriculum, since the lesson plans are free and supplies are the only real cost: I noticed that certain items like poster board, stencils and markers are getting more expensive at office supply stores. So when it came to creating weekly lesson boards I purchased the poster boards at the local dollar store, along with some clear contact rolls, and velcro tabs. This allowed me to use the same board for the whole curriculum, and just change the pictures, shapes, etc. that were needed for each week.

I hope this review can help any early childhood homeschool parents. I know it seemed a little daunting to me when I decided to take on the idea of being my son's educator, but hey, I had been doing it since he was born, why stop now?

You are absolutely right, Karen, why stop now? Informative review of Brightly Beaming Resources' free homeschool preschool curriculum - thanks so much! Blessings, Heather :)

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