Free Home School/Early Development Resource

by Mey

Teach your baby, children, or autistic child sign language with this free home school/early development resource...

I am writing to you as a fellow blogger and lover of all things open source. Inspired by the struggles experienced by friends raising children during a difficult economy and the belief that every child deserves equality in education we came up with a simple & free collection of resources aimed at facilitating the learning of baby sign language.

Various studies show that baby sign language provides children with an edge in learning and developing verbal skills. There is also evidence of increased cognitive abilities. In our case since we don't have infants any longer we use sign language as a discreet way to convey a message to our kids calling their attention to be polite or grateful etc. offers a bundle of free resources including the following:

* Printable wall chart.
* Printable high resolution flash cards.
* Video dictionary
* Quick reference tools

Another application of baby sign language and one very dear to my heart is creating a bridge of communication with autistic children. I do hope your readers find this beneficial and appreciate your kindness in sharing our work with your readership.

Everything in our website is free and we hope it will be a blessing to those currently trying to raise a family and stretch their budget.

Mey Lau

Great resource, Mey! Thanks for sharing it with home schooling families and helping to stretch our limited budgets further! Blessings, Heather :)
PS We taught our two youngest some signs when they were babies. It was amazing to be able to communicate with them easily at such a young age!

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