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Need some free home school help to assist you in your home schooling endeavor?

Whether you are a new home educator or a seasoned pro, everyone needs a little help, encouragement or some fresh, creative homeschooling ideas to assist you in your educational efforts, or to overcome obstacles and difficulties.

And who doesn't love getting stuff for free, so...

From tips on how to home school to free samples and products, you will find a variety of information below to help you in your home schooling journey.

One thing I absolutely love about home schooling is that it doesn't cost very much to provide your children with a quality education. Many families home school for free or almost free using the internet and the library.

Free things don't always meet your needs though, so there may be times that you will need to purchase something for your child's classes.

Some downfalls of finding free home school resources...

Not Comprehensive Enough

Some free home school resources that you find online may not be as comprehensive as you need them to be.

For example some free resources don't provide enough material to provide a complete course for a grade level. Often you will find bits and pieces here and there and everything may not flow nicely from one lesson to the next.

Time Consuming

Finding free home school curriculum or resources can be extremely time consuming. Putting together a comprehensive course, one that provides enough information and practice so that your child learns well, isn't easy.

But you can do it! You will find some great resources, books and internet sites to help you do this. Just know that it may take extra time for you to put everything together.

I remember using a unit study outline one year for our school and I fell behind schedule in my planning. Each day my kids would come to me to find out what we were going to do. I began to feel extra pressure as they stood there waiting... and waiting... and waiting, while I scrambled around finding and printing things off for our lessons for the day.

Not good.

Often we didn't have the materials we needed to do science experiments and had to skip them or had to go out and get library books before beginning our day.

With one or two children this may not bother you, but the more children you have or if you have a baby or toddler in the house, it's hard to just get up and go.

So when home schooling for free, make sure you take time to plan.

Little Investment. Big Rewards.

No matter what your education background or income level, you can home school your child. You may not find everything for free, but with some determination and persistence, freely provided by you :), you will eventually see the fruit of your efforts; if, of course, you don't give up.

Don't forget... you will find some free home school help through your local home school support group! They are waiting to help you, just ask! :)

Free Stuff for Homeschoolers...

Keep your kids busy and active during the summer with free bowling, movies and books. Stretch your dollar further with some fun freebies for homeschoolers!

Waiting for Your Discovery...

Homeschool Reading Readiness Help
Trying to teach your young child how to read? At times it can be frustrating. I am currently teaching one of my children to read and can't wait until she really gets it! It's exciting to watch the process, but takes loads of patience.

Know when to start teaching your child how to read to minimize any frustration or worry.

Home School Reading Tips: Motivating the Reluctant Reader
Find some helpful reading tips to get your child interested or motivated in reading.

Home School Physical Education From the Comfort of Your Home!
Physical fitness is so important, isn't it? Physical fitness isn’t teaching specific sports, so if you are sports challenged, have no fear! You can help your child become physically fit through a variety of ways, easily from the comfort of your home.

Incorporate physical education into your home school to keep healthy and increase learning.

Heather's Helpful Hints for a Healthy Homeschool
Just as keeping fit is essential to our health and well being, a peace-filled, healthy home school is vital to your success as a home educator.
Find my healthy homeschooling hints here...

Home School Financial Aid and Assistance for Home Schooling Families
Experiencing difficulties? Find free home school help, support, home school financial aid and assistance so you can continue home schooling during financial difficulties or tragic circumstances.

How Do You S-P-E-L-L Homeschool Spelling Success?
Find out how spelling affects your child's self image, future job performance and success.

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Homeschool Freebies and Other Fun Stuff

Everyone loves educational freebies! Find great freebies to benefit your home education endeavor and your kid's education.

Free Homeschool Curriculum and Resources

Budget a bit tight? Need free homeschool curriculum? Look no further than your own "backyard" for oodles of fabulous freebies for your family.

Sometimes you can even find a great free home schooling resource from your local or our federal government! Look at the free homeschool material our support group received for FREE, compliments of the National Endowment for Humanities!

(If you have discovered other free resources, let me know so I can let others know about them!)

Four Resources for Free Curriculum

Does the ever fluctuating gas prices and sluggish economy got you pinching your pennies? Find free homeschooling curriculum to stretch your budget further.

Med-Free Solution to Improve Concentration and Focus!

Learn how to improve concentration and increase the attention-span of your homeschooling child, with an age-old game of medieval combat.

Easy Thanksgiving Ideas...

Fun, free thanksgiving homeschool ideas to learn about and celebrate this special day of thanks!

Fun and Free Home School Ideas...

Find simple and creative homeschooling ideas to make learning at home what it should be... fun!

Struggling with Some Negative Effects of Homeschooling?

Discover how friendship, guidance, encouragement and support help you conquer some real, yet surmountable negative effects of homeschooling!

Homeschool for Free

Are you ready for the digital TV transition? Take advantage of the TV Converter Box Coupon Program so you can continue to enjoy free televised shows; another great way to homeschool for free. (This program has ended.)

Free Online Home Schooling: Raising Red Flags

Sometimes free, isn't really free. Check out my free online home schooling scam - I was duped for you!

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