Free High School Courses on the Internet

by Jamie Gaddy
(Brooks, GA, USA)

Free High School Courses on the Internet with Let's Homeschool High School and Homeschool College USA.

I know this isn't exactly a homeschool curriculum. Yet, I feel that I have to share this site. I have a senior and a freshman in high school that I am homeschooling this year. I am pretty overwhelmed at trying to make sure that they take all the necessary tests and complete all the necessary courses in order to go to college. Then... finding the right college in itself is daunting. So, when I came across this website, and found the wealth of free information they have available I was absolutely thrilled.

I have found suggestions for making high school transcripts,as well as information on whether to go with a GED or a diploma.

The one thing that actually changed how we homeschool high school altogether was a link on Let's Homeschool High School to Homeschool College USA. This website has actual courses put together using free courseware from the internet. It includes pdf versions of textbooks and everything. It also gives you an alternate means of acquiring college credit through CLEP testing. This is our first year, but thanks to these websites- we are trying it and have begun using the courses outlined on the Homeschool College USA site. Hoping to find great success with free online high school and even college credit with this method.

Thanks for sharing this resource for free high school courses on the internet, Jamie! I appreciate the time you took to help other homeschooling parents save money, AND encouraging them to homeschool high school! Blessings, Heather :)

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