Free College Constitution 101 Course

by Heather

Homeschool high school students can take a free college Constitution 101 course via Hillsdale College in Michigan. The course follows similar material that all Hillsdale college students are required to take. The Constitution 101 is a 10-week online course presented by Hillsdale faculty.

In this course, you can:

  • watch lectures from the same Hillsdale faculty who teach on campus;
  • study the same readings taught in the College course;
  • submit questions for weekly Q&A sessions with the faculty;
  • access a course study guide;
  • test your knowledge through weekly quizzes; and
  • upon completion of the course, receive a certificate from Hillsdale College.

The course is archived, so you can start anytime. During the 10-week course, you will cover the following topics:

1. The American Mind
Instructor: Larry P. Arnn
2. The Declaration of Independence
Instructor: Thomas G. West
3. The Problem of Majority Tyranny
Instructor: David Bobb
4. Separation of Powers: Preventing Tyranny
Instructor: Kevin Portteus
5. Separation of Powers: Ensuring Good Government
Instructor: Will Morrisey
6. Religion, Morality, and Property
Instructor: David Bobb
7. Crisis of Constitutional Government
Instructor: Will Morrisey
8. Abraham Lincoln and the Constitution
Kevin Portteus
9. The Progressive Rejection of the Founding
Instructor: Ronald J. Pestritto
10. The Recovery of the Constitution
Instructor: Larry P. Arnn

You can purchase a book from Hillsdale for $30 to go along with the course, called "The US Constitution: A Reader"; $30 isn't much considering you are taking a 10-week, college-level course!

Here is the book's Table of Contents. If you are low on book-purchasing funds, you may already have a similar book in your home library or you may find a copy at your local library. Many of these documents and letters can be downloaded or read for free online.

Here are a couple of websites to look for some of the documents, speeches and federalist papers.

Each lecture includes the readings, study guide and Q&A session. You will not need to search for the reading selections, they are included as links and pdfs.

Sign-up for Hillsdale's free college Constitution 101 course now!

Would you like to leave a comment? Use the link below. If you have taken this course, please feel free to share your experience to help others!

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