Flunking Online High School Course

by Concerned Teen

I signed up for several online high school courses (not a diploma program)just a la carte. I am flunking one and it is too late to withdrawal. I plan to go back to public school next year for 12th grade. Will I have to report the class that I failed and will it go on my high school transcript if I take the class again and do well (thru a different online school). I just don't do well with Georgia Virtual school.

If you go back to public school, you will need to submit a transcript to the school with the courses that you did while homeschooling. If you are going to retake the course, I would only put the course you completed and passed on your transcript.
If you get GA Virtual School to send the transcript to your public school, I am sure the class will be on the record that they submit. If you submit your own transcript to the public school, you can leave off the course you failed and just include the course you retook and the grade you received.
Heather :)

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