Florida Homeschooling Evaluation Questions

by amber dillard
(desoto fl, usa)

Mom of eight year old daughter has some Florida homeschooling evaluation concerns and questions...

I homeschool my 8 year old daughter and I've just recently had her yearly evaluation. She completely bombed it! I live in Florida and I don't know what to do.

I really don't want to put her in public school and I can't afford to place her in an online program. I have no income. I really need help bringing up her scores. Do you have any advice for me?

Hi Amber,
You have several options for your yearly evaluation. Perhaps your daughter knows more than she is showing through a written test? According to the Florida homeschooling laws, you also have the option for a Florida certified teacher to evaluate her through review of her portfolio and a discussion. I would contact a local homeschooling group to find out more about this option, and if its recommended by other home educators.

I would also spend time working on areas where your daughter is struggling or having difficulty. Perhaps she has a learning disability. Here is a Learning Disabilities Checklist you can use to help guide you as you work with your daughter.

A free online program is TheHeadofTheClass.com. My daughter is eight and enjoys this program. You can customize the curriculum so your daughter is only focusing on the areas/subjects you want her to. You can also include lessons from different grades, depending on her ability and reassign lessons if she doesn't do well. All lessons can be printed off and you can go over them with her as well.

Heather :)

Do you have experience with Florida homeschooling students who do poorly on their yearly evaluation? What did you do? Please share your experience to help other parents. Use the comments link below...

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Jun 13, 2011
free homeschool program
by: Anonymous

There is a free program in Florida called Connections Academy. It's great. There's teachers to assist you. They supply a computer, reimburse for internet, and all the books you need.
It's an awesome program. If your child needs extra help in some areas, the teachers are willing to help. Check out connectionsacademy.com

Jun 13, 2011
Florida homeschooling
by: Stef Layton

my son is a horrible test taker - he stresses too easily. For the last 3 years we have kept a portfolio and had a FL certified teacher "sign off". In FL you can teach any subject any year - possibly you were not teaching what they were testing?? I would encourage the portfolio and certified teacher option - its what works for my son (especially since we put certain skills like measurements to make sure he was stronger with math facts he would have "bombed" that section)

Apr 13, 2015
opt homeschooling NEW
by: audrey

Do you know why many parents opt homeschooling rather than the public schooling, it is not only because of the money problem it is also for gaining some good benefits. Some of the main benefits are the parents can give the child a better education, can make the child more moral. You must seek an advice from the elder persons in your area.Meaningful Use

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