Five in a Row Homeschool Unit Study Review

by Kelly

I used Five in a Row (most of Vol. 1 and part of Vol. 2) for my 6 year-old twins for their kindergarten year. We loved it!

Five in a Row is a children's literature homeschool unit study incorporating geography & history, science, art, language arts, and some math. As suggested, I read the same assigned children's book daily to my children for one week and after each reading we would do a simple suggested activity together from one of the above 5 subjects, until, Friday, when we had completed an activity from each subject.

My children and I really liked the books we read each week. Five in a Row time was their favorite part of the day! I thought they might become bored reading the same book for 5 days in a row but they were such good books, they looked forward to my reading them again the next day. The author of the program explains the many benefits to this, for instance, noticing aspects of the book you hadn't noticed the day before and after using it with my children, I agree.

I loved it that we could snuggle up together as I read my children rich, quality children's books. Afterwards, we would do some of the activities orally together; for instance, one day, for language arts, the topic would be similes and how authors use them in their writing. We'd then look for examples together in the story. Another day, for art, I would point out an art technique the illustrator used, then give my children a chance to draw their own picture using this technique. On another day after the daily reading we would do a simple science experiment together on a science topic that tied in with the story. (The teacher's guide gives guidance on how to teach all the lessons.) Another amazing aspect is that my children
learned so much geography by using the suggested story discs each week to put on our wall map showing where each story took place. The daily activities were simple to teach and took little prep-time for me as well.

I purchased the teacher's manuals (Vol. 1 and 2) and found most of the books I needed from Vol. 1 (and a few from Vol. 2) at my small town library, making it very affordable. The few I didn't find there I either purchased or found through inter-library loan ahead of time. Many of the books are recommended for a particular season but if a library book was unavailable it was okay as I could switch it out with another; the books could be done out of order somewhat without a problem. I've also seen that Rainbow Resource has the books you'd need for purchase, reasonably priced.

There is also a separate Five in a Row Bible program to go along with the stories if you don't already have something for Bible. I'd also recommend adding a separate math and phonics program to round out the year, depending on your child's grade level. I have not tried it, but there is also a Five in a Row cookbook with recipes you can make with your child that tie in with the weekly stories.

I highly recommend Five in a Row and will use it again when my littler ones are old enough. (The program is geared toward children aged preschool to 8 years.) In the 3 years I've home schooled, it's been one of my favorites so far!

Thanks for the well-written and very informative review of Five in a Row, Kelly; I appreciate the time you took to help others! We LOVE Five in a Row too! Blessings, Heather :)

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