Favorite Homeschooling Benefits? Freedom!

by Freedom-loving Mom

Favorite homeschooling benefits? New homeschool mom says "freedom" is her family's favorite...

My eight year old twins and I feel liberated since I snatched them out of that government- run school two months ago. We are all learning together and at a faster pace in less time because we are not dealing with multiple behavioral problems and bad influences from peers.

I have two home-based businesses as I work on my MBA and Masters in Finance. I am thankful, I am able to spend more time with and teach my children. I no longer feel like a bad mother for dropping my sons off 5 minutes late to school and getting issued truancy letters for having more than ten 5 minute tardies in a 4 month period. Freedom is our family's homeschooling benefit!

Thank you so much for sharing your family's favorite homeschooling benefit! I love that we, as homeschooling families, have the freedom to learn together as a family, and go as fast or slow as we need. It also sounds like you are able to successfully work and learn around your twins schooling – another great homeschooling benefit. :) Blessings, Heather

How about you? Do you have one or two favorite homeschooling benefits? Share them to help others!

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