Family Friendly Movies

Homemade pizza and family friendly movies = Family Night in our home. For over 20 years, our homeschooling family has spent Friday night together as a family.

Once in a while we go out, but mostly we enjoy staying in and watching a movie together.

I know that all families are different. Some homeschooling families have TVs, some have one but rarely watch it, while others have chosen to pitch the TV altogether.

TV-watching for our family, usually consists of an educational show now and then; there are so many other things that we would rather do as a family.

However, we do enjoy watching a movie together every week. For our family, it's a nice, relaxing way to end a long week of work and school.

Kids and Family Night

Family night is very special to our kids. Each one looks forward to our time together and most of the time, knowing Family Night fun will soon be here, motivates our kids to complete their work and chores with little complaining... yes, I said most of the time! :)

Recently, I was working on reviewing the days of the week with our 5yo. I would name a day and he would tell me what day would come next. We got to Thursday and I asked him, "What day comes after Thursday?" And he said, "Family Night!" :)

Family Friendly Movies

Finding family-friendly Family Night movies isn't easy. Sometimes I feel like we have seen every movie fit for a family viewing. However, thanks to friends, the library and the internet, we continually come across great movies that we can watch together as a family.

Some family-friendly movies that our family has enjoyed are:

  • Because of Winn Dixie
  • My Louisiana Sky
  • Johnny Lingo
  • Chronicles of Narnia
  • Where the Red Fern Grows
  • Rudy
  • Facing the Giants
  • Time Changers
  • Nim's Island

Another movie that we enjoy watching is one that my 17yo daughter and I screened a couple years ago; The Mighty Macs movie released on DVD on February 21, 2012.

The Mighty Macs Movie!

family friendly movies

The Mighty Macs is about a based on the true story of a tiny Catholic college women's basketball team and their remarkable journey to the first ever national women's basketball championship.

Learn more about The Mighty Macs movie by reading my review.

Help other homeschooling families find clean, quality movies that they can watch together!

What are your favorite family-friendly movies? Share your favorites to help other families learn about films they can view with their kids.

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Thank you SO very much for scouting out all these options for us! You do a great service and really support homeschoolers with your fine efforts! We are indeed grateful.
Jackie, Home Educator, Colorado

I just wanted to share a quick story on my journey to homeschooling.

After watching our three oldest nieces go through the public school system, and having numerous friends who have had problems with public schools, when I found out I was expecting a child, I knew I would be homeschooling. I started out by doing ALOT of research, mainly on the internet. And found dozens of websites with so much free information it was amazing, and a blessing!

And since he has been old enough, I have worked daily with him on the basics. As soon as his little sister is old enough, I will be working with her too. We haven't worked out a curriculum yet, because he's still young, but thanks to your website, I'm well on my way, and I look forward to watching my children learn and grow!

Thank you, Heather for putting all this wonderful information together!
Alicia, Oklahoma City, OK