Exploring the World of Chemistry and Exploring The History of Medicine

by Lisa
(Marietta, GA)

Great Homeschool History and Chemistry Supplements

Great Homeschool History and Chemistry Supplements

We used Exploring the World of Chemistry, written by John Tiner, and published by Master Books, as an introduction to chemistry for my then-3rd grade son. It's not a complete curriculum for a year, but he was fascinated with the historical approach since he is a history fanatic.

The book covers topics like alchemy, the history of gunpowder, discovery of the periodic table, Robert Boyle and many other early chemists. It includes short multiple choice quizzes at the end of each chapter.

My 4th grade daughter recently devoured Exploring the History of Medicine and thoroughly enjoyed it. I'd highly recommend the books in this series (at least the ones by Tiner) for children who love history and stories.

The books don't teach the subject like a regular text book (with problems, exercises, experiments, etc.), and the illustrations are black and white, but both books really captured the interest of my story-loving children. And at less than $12.00 (Amazon currently 11.19), it's a great deal.

Thanks for the great info, Lisa! It's so appreciated. Blessings, Heather

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