Excelerate Spanish Homeschool Curriculum Review

Excelerate Spanish homeschool curriculum is a new program that is designed to help students of all ages, excel at learning to speak Spanish. 

When Caryn asked me to write a review of Excelerate Spanish homeschool curriculum, she had no clue about my foreign language speaking or learning ability (or lack thereof!).  When it comes to learning a foreign language, I fail miserably!

I took French for ten years in public school, and sadly, know very little after all those years. At the end of high school, I could read French somewhat and write it a bit, but never really understood what the teacher was saying during lessons. I don't fault public school, more my ability to learn and process a foreign language.

My husband speaks fluent Spanish. Yet, after being married for 24 years, AND listening to countless conversations in Spanish, I understand very little. Although I listen intently and try to figure out what our Spanish-speaking friends and family are saying, I just don't get it.

With that said, I guess I am the perfect candidate to try out and review Excelerate Spanish!

Excelerate Spanish Curriculum Creator

Caryn Hommel, is a former public school Spanish teacher; she now homeschools her own children. From her experience as a public school teacher, Caryn developed a Spanish program that helps students of all ages easily learn Spanish using a different approach then typical foreign language curriculum.

Excelerate Spanish Homeschool Curriculum

Excelerate Spanish is video-based curriculum that is designed for a homeschool setting. Each lesson includes video instruction, where your children will participate in a lesson that Caryn teaches; she has other students in the room with her, so your children will feel like they are a part of a larger class.

Excelerate Spanish Textbook, Workbook, and Answer Key

Since I've always wanted to learn Spanish, I decided that I will join my children and go through the curriculum too. (I'm sure my children will enjoy asking me if I have completed my Spanish "homework!") We find the video lessons quite easy to follow along, and I could see my children quickly start to remember the story that was being taught.

Caryn teaches with enthusiasm. My children (ages 11 and 7) and I enjoy participating in the lessons. You have the flexibility to move as fast, or slow as you want to through each unit. There are 24 lessons in the course. If you want to repeat the lesson multiple times, you can. We are choosing to go slower than faster.

Kids Remember What They Learn

As I write this review, my children are sitting at the kitchen table with me working on their science lapbook. As they color, cut, and write, they are repeating the many words and phrases from our Spanish lessons. :)

Engaging Lessons

Excelerate Spanish homeschool curriculum uses a multi-sensory teaching method using motions, gestures, and stories. Caryn sent me the complete Excelerate Spanish program - it includes four DVDs, a teacher guide, workbook, and answer key for the 24 lessons.

Excelerate Spanish Video Lesson

Caryn starts lessons by going through the vocabulary words of a short story. She spends quite a bit of time going over the words and expressions, making sure students know them.  Each word or expression has a motion or gesture to help students remember the meaning.

Throughout the exercise Caryn combines the vocabulary words in a variety of fun ways, to reinforce learning. Once all the vocabulary words are gone over, a series of actions is acted out, as well as a couple of short senerios based on the words learned.

During the lesson, Caryn refers to the blue textbook - it contains practice exercises, as well as all the vocabulary words and short stories for each lesson.

Excelerate Spanish Homeschool Curriculum Textbook

Supplemental Activities to Reinforce Lessons

There are also fun, supplemental activities in the workbook to reinforce what was taught during the video lesson. Some of the practice activities include: fill in the blanks, mini book creation, crossword puzzles and more.

My eleven year old has no problem completing the workbook activities, however, my seven year old completes them with help from me, or our 19 year old daughter. Some of the crossword puzzles are on the small side... I think younger students may find them difficult to complete, as my son needed to be extra careful when circling the words he found.

Excelerate Spanish Workbook

The other "downside" of the program for me, personally, was that Caryn spoke a little too quickly at the beginning of the curriculum. The first time she would say the vocabulary words and phrases in Spanish, I was like, "Say what?!" However, she does slow down and speaks slower the second time when you are acting out the word/s.

My children felt the same way, but once they caught on, it got easier to understand... although I am REALLY glad she repeated herself multiple times, AND slowed down when she did! :)

Competitive Pricing

The complete Excelerate Spanish homeschool curriculum program costs $149 and includes everything you'll need to "teach" your child Spanish. I think the program is great for all ages and highly recommend it for  a home school setting.

You can purchase the program directly through Caryn's website - www.exceleratespanish.com.

Disclosure: I received a copy of Excelerate Spanish for review purposes and was not compensated for this post. My thoughts and opinions are based on my personal experience and observation.

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