Epic Charter School & Calvert Academy

by Daria
(Sulphur, Oklahoma USA)

I love Epic Charter School & Calvert Academy curriculum because it is flexible and also based on how the child is understanding and using the knowledge given. The child does not moved on until they completely understand.

This curriculum goes from PreK through 12th grade and your child is given assessment tests to begin with to know where they should be placed. From there, your child is given quarterly tests and followed by a teacher that can give individual help.

The curriculum we chose for our daughter will be used by her for only 3-4 hours each day (the CORE curriculum), the rest is up to me. The school also allows for an $800.00 a year credit to be used at the parents discretion (through the schools financial system). You can use this to buy books, go to museums etc. As long as the school okays it. We chose to use part of our credit so our daughter could have a laptop computer to use. That will be such a help! The schooling itself is free.

As for my personal curriculum. I am going to use theme units this year. Everything I teach my daughter for one week (as an example) will be based on a theme. So, when she wants to learn about castles...everything during that week will be based on castles. Math, science, reading, social studies etc. To enrich her learning, we are going to use lapbooks (the instruction for those can be found online).

Thanks for sharing your experience with Epic Charter School & Calvert Academy; your thoughts are appreciated, Daria! Blessings, Heather :)

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