Enki Education Homeschool Curriculum Review

by Kimberly
(Southern California)

Enki Education Homeschool Curriculum Review

Enki Education Homeschool Curriculum Review

This comprehensive homeschool curriculum review, written by a very happy mom, highlights the many features, benefits and short-comings of Enki Education...

Enki Education is a comprehensive holistic homeschooling curriculum that is available in full for preschool - grade 3. My family's experience was in using it fully for grades 1 - 2.

I found Enki Education to be beautiful and deep, with rich stories and comprehensive instruction guides. My complete grade package included foundation guides (Enki philosophy), grade guide, grade instruction guides, and resource materials.

Enki homeschool curriculum is arts-based and approaches learning from whole to parts. Multiculturalism is emphasized, but not in a cultural Disneyland manner. The curriculum strives to bring the child to a place of seeing the connectedness in peoples and cultures, moving from us and other to a collective we. To me the multiculturalism is perhaps the most beautiful part of Enki.

Enki also emphasizes rhythm through the day, week, and year, and creating this rhythm was very beneficial to my family. We also benefited from the block method of teaching, similar to Waldorf education. We would study math, science, or language arts for an entire month as a main lesson, then move onto another topic the next month.

I think Enki falls toward "school-at-home" on the structured/unstructured scale, although not like public school. To me it felt like replicating a first rate private school at home. Enki revised their original private school curriculum materials to meet the needs of homeschoolers and yet many school-like elements remain, such as circle time and practice work. There are suggestions for making these elements work within the home setting, but I found they don't always work.

My boys
really enjoyed Enki grade 1 with its nature stories, math curriculum, and fairy tales. The arts-based approach appealed to both of them. I felt that my boys finished grade 1 having met all of the goals set and most importantly, having truly enjoyed their learning.

Grade 2 was much harder for us, as the resource materials didn't appeal to my boys in the same manner that the fairy tales had. I personally struggled with the idea that the sage stories had been carefully rewritten and edited; I understand that it was to bring out the elemental truth of the stories, but changing little bits of history still bothered me. The changes are outlined for the parent to see.

I found that Enki requires much from the teacher; planning takes a a lot of time and a good grasp of time and scheduling. The idea is that the parent/teacher would read all of the resource materials and then choose the stories that they feel would best fit their child. Doing so creates a personalized learning experience for the child, but it isn't always easy to find the time to do this.

Also included with the Enki homeschool curriculum is an hour long consultation which helped me determine how to approach my sons' education, ongoing monthly group consultation calls which weren't as beneficial for me, and a fantastic online support group that I gained much from.

Excellent homeschool curriculum review, Kimberly! You provide such great details, giving parents a good picture of what to expect when choosing Enki Education curriculum. Thanks so much! Blessings, Heather

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