Easy Homeschooling!

by bj stevenson
(bartlesville, ok)

I have been homeschooling my two children for three years. It started out with frustration of public school.

The first year of homeschooling seemed easy. And then came the middle school years. Yikes, I quickly learned my kids knew more than me! Time to sharpen my skills or quit.

I started doing my son's homework before him so that I would know what he was doing and how it was done if he needed assistance. Then we moved and I discovered a wonderful thing called a...

Homeschool group!

What a wonderful network of helpful, caring people who were doing the same thing I was except they were sharing their knowledge where it was needed.

My love of homeschooling increased and today, I don't stress out knowing my kids know more than me. It gives them a kick in knowing that small bit of information.

Mom's not perfect and its OK!

Thanks BJ, for sharing your story. Trying to keep up with our kids is exhausting, isn't it? Luckily we can tap into the skills, knowledge and expertise of others in the homeschooling community - a great way to use our time wisely, too!

Great tip!

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