Easy Homeschool Spanish Curriculum for the Entire Family

by Deb Sarhan
(Jerzy Shore, NJ)

Fun Homeschool Spanish Curriculum for All Ages!

Fun Homeschool Spanish Curriculum for All Ages!

Is your homeschool Spanish curriculum boring? Are you tired of nagging your kids to do their Spanish lessons? This mom was until she stumbled upon the Fun Class!

In my home, we've always stressed the importance of learning more than one language - pretty easy since Daddy's native language (Arabic) is not the same as Mom's. But, of course Mom being Mom, she knew that Spanish would be almost a necessity by the time her kids grew up and entered college - so off on the hunt for the "perfect" homeschool Spanish curriculum.

We tried Calvert Spanish (see my previous review of Calvert - LOVE IT!) but, didn't like their Spanish; very dry and very hard to learn, without a native speaker. So we went to Rosetta Stone, which we also use for Arabic.

I love Rosetta Stone homeschool curriculum and since the kids were already familiar with it, it was great. Plus, our library had it free online for awhile. I bought both Homeschool Levels, along with the workbooks, but getting the kids to do it on their own without prompting? Another chore I really didn't need!

So we stumbled acrossed La Clase Divertida (The Fun Class in Spanish). Yes, exactly what we were looking for. When we bought the first level it was only produced in VHS tapes (but now they do have DVD's).

Senor Gamache and his family are wonderful; they have a live class right there
(including the family dog) and they start out really simple and move along until the kids are actually conversing. Much better then just learning that the boy is "under the plane" or "on top of the table" (If you've done Rosetta Stone, you'll know what I'm talking about.)

Senor Gamache encourages the entire family to sit together to learn, although be warned, you don't just sit! Senor G gets you up and moving and dancing and learning… and retaining, which is a biggie. Also included in the box is a bunch of craft materials, enough for two students to make the crafts that go along with each level. You’ll also find workbooks, again enough for two, but you can order extra craft materials or extra workbooks without having to order the entire box again.

We're currently working our way through Level 2, but we still go back and listen to Level 1 tapes. I will most certainly buy Level 3 as well; I highly recommend this homeschool Spanish curriculum, and am trying to convince my husband to do the same sort of thing for Arabic!

Deb, thanks so much for sharing this wonderful resource; I have never heard of it before. Someone just emailed me today looking for good homeschool Spanish curriculum; I will tell her about La Clase Divertida! Muchas gracias, Heather :)

Find all levels of La Clase Divertida homeschool Spanish curriculum and extra student kits at CBD! (affiliate link)

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Jan 06, 2012
Level 3 is just as good as 1 and 2
by: Jerzydeb

While leaving a newer review for Calvert, I decided to go back and update about La Clase Divertida as well. Level 3 does not disappoint - my kids now have fun using the Spanish that they've learned from Senior G and "Cha Chi" (his niece) It's been a great program - one that we've stuck with the entire time. We still go back and listen to the tapes from levels 1 and 2. They are fun, the songs get stuck in your head, and they give you a great basic knowledge of Spanish, enough that you can converse, order food from a restaurant, and in general have enough vocab to breeze through a vacation in a Spanish Speaking country. I still highly recommend La Clase Divertida.

Money Saving Tip - each year around the holidays Sr. G offers reduced prices, and great deals on bundles (if you buy more than 1 level at a time) Very seldom I see this used on ebay ... I think everyone must keep it with the intentions of possible educating their grandchildren one day (which is why we are keeping ours !)

Sep 24, 2013
Native Spanish instructors and most popular coursebooks in US
by: Anonymous

I also suggest trying http://www.121spanish.com/ , the tutors (from Latin America and Spain) are professional language instructors and the study materials provided free of charge are the ones used in most US schools (like Realidades, Expresate, Avancemos, etc.)so the curriculum is the same.

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