Disney World Homeschool Days

Two times a year, homeschooling families gather for special Disney World Homeschool Days; these days are held in the Fall and Winter and each event has a different theme.

Disney's Homeschool Days events last approximately 14-18 days in January and October (typically). You choose how many days you want to attend.

On one day, all homeschool day participants meet for a special Disney-related educational presentation.

During the presentation, you and your family will get to get to look behind the scenes of different areas of Disney, while meeting and listening to a guest speaker - usually an experienced Disney professional.

The main homeschool presentation is included in your admission = it's free.

You can also sign up for different (optional) classes offered each day during the Homeschool Days event. The classes last for 2.5 - 3 hours, are available for students ages five years old through 12th grade, and cost an additional $30 each.

Educational Hands-on Experience

Although you don't have to sign-up for the extra classes, they do look like a lot of fun. If you have the extra money, I'm sure you or your kids won't be disappointed. Classes meet in the different theme parks and topics are centered around science, physics, chemistry, marine life, animation, etc.

If you have children who are 14 years old or older, they can attend the presentation and classes without you, if you sign a release form AND remain in the park for the duration of the program. All students under 14 need an adult chaperone at all times.

Discounted Theme Park Packages

Other than the scheduled homeschool presentation on the one day, you are free to explore Disney on your timetable and go wherever your family wants to within the theme parks. You can purchase a one day ticket, or multiple day park hopper ticket, whatever your budget allows.

Limited Admission

To sign-up for Disney World Homeschool Days, you will need to visit the Disney Youth website - space is limited, so sign-up early. You will register each of your family members and then choose your ticket package - you have lots of options and they are all discounted considerably off the regular gate price.

Share Your Experience With Others!

Have you ever been to a Disney Homeschool Days event? I would love for you to share you experience, as well as any money-saving money-saving Disney tips to make this fun vacation more affordable.

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