Discounted Homeschool Curriculum
Money-Saving Tips

If you are looking for discounted homeschool curriculumto to help save money on your educational expenses, a great place to check is auction sites like eBay.

Many times you will find curriculum that has never been used – or only the first few lessons were completed.

Often parents purchase curriculum and materials and then find out it doesn't meet their family's needs, or they decide homeschooling isn't for them.

When purchasing curriculum through auction sites, specifically eBay, make sure you know exactly what it is you are looking for and bidding on.

Decide What You Need

Before purchasing any curriculum, always make sure it's exactly what you need. Never buy something just because it's cheap or on sale; you could end up just wasting your money.

Find other homeschoolers who use the same products and ask them for their feedback. I am certain they will be happy to give it to you!

Once you decide to purchase products, make sure you know everything you will need to teach the course at home. Sometimes you may need extra items made specifically for that curriculum or kit. It may cost you more to purchase the additional items separately.

Check the Retail Price

Do a quick search to find out what the products sell for through retailers or online merchants. You don't want to pay more than the retail price, which I have seen people do before!

Know Exactly What You Are Buying

When purchasing used curriculum through eBay or other auction sites, make sure you know exactly what you are bidding on.

If it's supposed to be a complete set, double check to make sure all components are included. The worst thing is finding out something isn't included, like the teacher's guide or one of the workbooks, and you thought they were.

Check Seller Feedback

Always check any feedback and ratings of the seller before placing a bid. Make sure they are someone who you feel comfortable doing business with. You can also email them and ask specific questions about the products they are selling.

If you don't hear back from them in a timely manner, move on. Better safe than sorry!

Ready... Set... Go!

Check out eBay now, for some great discounted homeschool curriculum and products!

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