Find Discount Homeschool Curriculum and Savings at National Retailers

Looking for discount homeschool curriculum and ways to save stretch your dollar on homeschool materials? These days, who isn't?

Large national bookstores like Borders Books and Barnes & Noble, offer a great selection of homeschool materials.

Because of the size of these companies, you will find almost any book you are looking for, and prices are extremely competitive.

Many people love to enjoy a cup of coffee while looking through Border's large selection of educational resources.

I personally love the close-out area, of course! :) – a great place to get some serious savings on books and even find some discount homeschool treasures.

In-store and Online Savings

If you have a favorite place to shop, sign-up for their newsletter; you will come across some additional opportunities to save. Many stores advertise special sales and promotions only to their newsletter subscribers - another great way to save money from merchants you love.

Teacher Discount Programs

Many merchants offer teachers special savings on purchases for educational use; often home educators are included in these educator programs, providing you additional ways to purchase discount homeschool curriculum.

For example, when you shop at Borders or Barnes and Noble, you will save an additional 20% off all educational purchases for your home school when you sign-up for their Teacher discount card.

As with most educator discount programs, when you apply for the Border's Teacher Program, you will need to show "proof" that you homeschool. Once they approve your application, they will hand you a Border's Teacher card. Tuck it into your wallet, so you always have it on hand when you need it! :)

Educator Appreciation Weeks

During the year, you will enjoy additional discounts and savings at various stores that offer Teacher or Educator Appreciation Events. Many types of stores offer educator events, including Office Max, Office Depot and Staples.

Borders also hosts Educator Appreciation Days during the year. You can save 25% on almost everything in the store – for your personal or homeschool use.

Online Savings at Borders...

Need some discount homeschool curriculum and books but don't live near a Borders bookstore?

Get free shipping at for orders over $25

Home School Software Discounts

Discover one of the largest selections of academic and home school software in the nation and they sell at the guaranteed lowest price - up to 80% off the normal retail price!

Discounted Homeschool Curriculum and Resources...

Four money-saving tips to ensure auction success when bidding on discounted homeschool curriculum and used materials for your family.

JoAnn Fabrics Discount Program for Homeschool Families...

Homeschool Discount Lovers: Enjoy convenience and cost-cutting creativity for your homeschool, through JoAnn Fabrics discount program for educators. Sign-up Today!

Homeschool Prom Dress Sewing Contest

Want some extra cash or a new sewing machine? Sew your own homeschool prom dress and enter it into the Sew Jo-Ann sewing contest to win great prizes!

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