Design-A-Study for K-12 Homeschooling Unit Studies

by Tess Sanchez
(New Mexico)

Affordable, Christian Homeschooling Unit Studies

Affordable, Christian Homeschooling Unit Studies

Design-A-Study, (curriculum for easy homeschooling unit studies) is an excellent program for homeschoolers who like to develop and expand on lessons while exploring differences in learning styles.

Design-A-Study is authored by Kathryn Stout, B.S.Ed., M.Ed. Ms. Stout has been a educator, curriculum advisor, special education advisor, Christian educator, as well as a homeschool teacher herself. With all her many years of scholastic experience, she has put together a collection of books that will guide the beginner (or advanced) homeschooler through grades K-12 with confidence.

Each of her books gives grade appropriate topics to cover, objectives, and tips for teaching. Homeschoolers can purchase one book for the entire K-12 years. For example, Science Scope has everything you need for science concepts covered in grades K-12.
The same applies for her homeschool unit study Guides to History Plus and Comprehensive Composition (Language Arts). Maximum Math covers math concepts from grades K-8.

Design-A-Study is very, very affordable and there is also a Teaching Tips and Techniques book you can buy that is designed to offer help to the homeschooling parent in areas like: Getting Started, Schedules & Lesson Plans, Learning Styles, Discipline, Problems-Solutions and Resources.

I like the fact that Ms. Stout is a Christian educator and has worked in special education. The Design-A-Study program offers great flexibility which is very important in special education/special needs where programs require a large amount of adaptability.

I highly recommend this wonderful study program for all homeschoolers who are looking for curriculum where you can be creative with lesson plans yet have a definite direction toward achieving your educational goals.

What a wonderful review, Tess; so thorough, well-written and enlightening! Thanks so much for sharing. Blessings, Heather :)

Visit our affiliate, Design-A-Study to purchase products or learn more about Kathryn Stout.

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