Degree Needed to Homeschool High School?

by Amy

Are you wondering if a college degree is needed in order to homeschool a high school student? So is this mom; she asks...

Do you have to have a college degree of some sort in order to homeschool a 9th grader?

Hi Amy,
This is an excellent question! In many states you don't need a college degree to homeschool your children. Although some states do require a college degree, there are other options parents can choose so they can homeschool their children. Just FYI… Statistics show that a parent’s level of education (high school diploma vs college degree) does not have that much affect on a homeschooling student’s success. Many homeschooling parents just have a high school education and successfully homeschool their children; most of these students do just as well as students whose parents have college or teaching degrees.

In your state, there are no teacher qualifications. Here is an overview of the Kentucky homeschool requirements and laws, compliments of HSLDA (Home School Legal Defense Association).

Many parents successfully homeschool high school without a college degree. For parents who are unsure of their ability to homeschool, there are many easy-to-use curriculum options to choose from that make homeschooling a high school student worry-free.

Also, many local homeschool groups offer classes for homeschool students. Classes can be taught by fellow home educators or area professionals. Some high school students take classes at community college. Although the community college option may be more expensive than purchasing a do-it-yourself homeschool course, students have access to a college professor, gain valuable experience if they decide to go to college and many times they can earn college credit while still in high school.

You can also find online courses for high school; many of these classes offer teacher support for questions, grading, etc.

I hope this helps you as you begin homeschooling your high school student, Amy. If you have any other questions or comments regarding home educator teacher qualifications, please ask! Others may post additional information as well.

Heather :)

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