Dealyard Discount and Not-Quite Homeschool Savings

by Heather

Homeschool Savings = $195.06

Homeschool Savings = $195.06

My husband and I came across Dealyard recently while looking for an entry door knob for our front door that would match the door knobs that we currently have. We checked everywhere and discovered the matching door knob and deadbolt we need for the front door would cost over $290 - $180 for the door lock set and $106 for the matching deadbolt. Yikes!

Then we happened to come across Dealyard. Would you believe the exact same knob and deadbolt set that was $290+ through other stores and websites, only cost us $94.94 at Dealyard? The prices were: $64.95 for the door lock set and $29.95 for the deadbolt. Dealyard also offers FREE shipping too, so we didn't have to pay more to get this great money-saving deal!

You can see the lockset above; I also included a picture of our front door.

Although Dealyard doesn't sell anything directly related to homeschooling, like curriculum or books (although I did see some very affordable educational software), you can save money on lots of other things for your household. And... with the money you save at Dealyard, you will definitely have more money to spend on homeschool-related products and curriculum someplace else. :)

Here is a special Dealyard discount: Save 10% off your order with coupon code: CJVDAY12 – all orders get free shipping too. Enjoy the Dealyard discount and not-quite homeschool savings! :)

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