Create a Multi-grade Biology Course for Home School Science Success

by DonnaJ

For home school science, we decided this summer (May-Sept.) to do Biology for grades 7th, 8th, and 10th.

My 10th grade daughter needed it as a re-requisite for another Science for our homeschool co-op this fall.

We are incorporating Biology, language and art into one Biology "scrapbook" for each of them.

We started with the ABeka Biology book. Each of them are oulining each unit (language), reading a section and reporting their interesting findings to the rest of us (language/communication), and coloring examples of each unit of the book (art).

The coloring pages that I like are the Dover Coloring Books, the anatomy book is outstanding.

I am also looking for word search sheets on the internet to copy for each of them.

By the end of September, each of them will have their own Biology Book. They are learning so much more with this approach, than with the "read and answer the questions" at the end, approach.

The Dover Anatomy book covers reproduction and the male/female organs. These pages will not be in the books, but covered with each child individually since we are dealing with 2 girls and a boy ages 12-15.

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