Cost of Homeschooling Question

by Georgeanna Modlin
(hurlock MD usa)

What's the Cost of Homeschooling?

What's the Cost of Homeschooling?

Please provide me with the cost of homeschooling. My grandaughter has mental problems and behavior problems in school. Thank you!

Hi Georgeanna,

The cost of homeschooling varies – you can spend as much or as little as you want.

You can find many free resources at your library and online, although the work putting a well-rounded homeschool program together using free resources may take considerable time.

I am not sure what grade your grand daughter is in but a unit study curriculum may be something she enjoys doing. You can start off choosing units she is interested, all her "lessons" are centered around that main theme. It may help to adjust her to homeschooling and begin to get her interested in learning again. You can find lots of free and low-cost unit studies online. Let me know what grade she is in or how old she is and I can recommend some options.

You can also find lots of used homeschooling curriculum to help keep the cost of homeschooling down. Local groups have used curriculum fairs periodically, or you can find used curriculum online through websites like ebay or

The average homeschool family spends around $200-$500. Some spend it all on one student; some spend it on the whole family, depending on the curriculum or resources chosen. Anyone can homeschool on any sized budget, though. Some years my home schooling costs are next to nothing and others I spend more.

Just FYI…

You have three options when homeschooling in Maryland:

1. The Portfolio Option
2. Church Umbrella Program
3. State Approved Umbrella School

Make sure you do some research on Maryland home schooling, so you know the laws and requirements for your state.

Let me know if you have any other questions, I'd be happy to help!

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